Hello from Italy!

Good morning from Vicenza, Italy!!!

Now that my brother has returned from deployment, this is his actual assignment, so he lives here right now! I decided it would be fun to come back with him for a few days before heading home on Saturday 🙂

Check out the fun view of all the rooftops from my his apartment balcony:

Love it 🙂 So European!

We just had breakfast — look what my brother found at the store for me — Greek yogurt! Yummm.

I had my yogurt with sliced banana and some granola.

Delish! When traveling, I always try to keep breakfast healthy. That way I have a little more wiggle room for later on! 🙂 Getting lots of exercise is also key — we’ll be walking ALL day today because…

We’re off to Venice for the day!!

It’s only about 45 minutes away by train and one of my very favorite cities. My brother has never been, but I was in Venice in May 2009 with my college BFF Kris — she came to visit me at the end of my time in Prague and we traveled to Venice, Florence, and Rome. It was wonderful — Venice was the most beautiful and had the best pasta (I LOVE the black squid ink sauce — can’t wait to have it again tonight!), Florence had the best art and gelato, and Rome was cool because of all the crazy old ruins!

Stay tuned — I’ll be back tonight (late afternoon U.S. time) with a recap!

Have you ever been to Italy? Where did you go and what was your favorite place?

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