Girl’s Weekend in Cape May: Part 1

Hi guys! I’m back from my girl’s weekend away! It was such a treat to have some adult time with two of my favorites – it had been ages since the three of us got together. I was in Cape May, NJ with two of my best friends from college, Turner (nickname) and Kris. Despite the photo below we were not at a wedding – apparently there was one at Congress Hall earlier in the day and we got to enjoy the remaining decorations while we had a sunset drink!

Cape May is one of my favorite places on earth – it’s so cute and relaxing, and we lucked out with absolutely incredible weather. A big thank you to Turner’s parents for letting us take over their beach house for the weekend!

I arrived in time on Friday to enjoy an incredible sunset over the water – perfect kickoff to the weekend!

Sunsets with whispy low hanging clouds are always the most gorgeous – the light turned them all sorts of beautiful colors. I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

When the sunset ended, Turner and I headed to a cute place in town called The Virginia Hotel for a drink and snack before meeting Kris (who was still on her way) for a late dinner. It was perfect outside and they had a lovely porch. Prosecco + deviled eggs hit the spot!

For dinner, we met Kris at a great spot called The Red Store – it’s a general store, cafe, and BYO restaurant in a pretty old house out near Cape May Point. I’d been here once before many years ago and loved it so was excited to come back!

When we arrived, they said it was a set multi-course situation with no menu – you chose your main protein out of a few options, but otherwise it was all a surprise. Fun! The starters were empanadas (so good) and a yummy cheese and meat board with pickled veggies. I love pickled cauliflower!

The next few courses were ceviche (shared with the table), a mini portion of gnocchi and squash, and a small frisee salad. I think the gnocchi was my fave out of these. Sorry for the terrible lighting – it was dark in there!

For the main event we had our choice between steak, scallops, and a white fish. We each got something different so we could taste all of them! I had the steak, which was really good although I was pretty full by this point. It came with a cheesy broccoli (meh) and some purple potatoes (yum).

Dessert was mini and in espresso cups – cute!

Such a yummy dinner, although service was slow so we were pretty ready for bed by the time we got out of there around 11!

On Saturday morning, Kris and I were awake early-ish (of course my internal alarm clock didn’t let me sleep in that much – oh well) before Turner and it was gorgeous out, so after I pumped we decided to take a stroll to a coffee shop in town called Out There Coffee. It was such a cute spot – lots of great food options, too!

I decided to mix it up from coffee and get a matcha green tea latte just for fun, and we got an assortment of breads to share with Turner back at the house, too.

After hanging out on the deck at the house for awhile with our drinks and bread, the three of us walked over to a spot called Saltwater Cafe for brunch. Pretty views along the way!

I had the crab and asparagus omelette and home fries. It was good but I didn’t love the cheese in the omelette – it was kind of a weird sour cream-esque texture vs. normal cheese – meh! Regular cheese would have been better. Nice big lumps of crab, though!

When we got back to the house, we got ready for the beach! I’ll pick back up with the rest of the weekend recap tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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