Ready for 13.1

Hello friends!

I just returned from the Rock n Roll USA race expo – I’m all set and ready to rock 13.1 tomorrow!

As I mentioned before, Brooks hooked me up with a free bib for this race as part of my Run Happy Ambassadorship because they’re one of the main race sponsors! A big thanks to them for the opportunity. They make the best race shirts. Aren’t these cute?

Also, did you see that “VIP” sticker on my bib? Brooks gifted me with that as well, which gives me access to – ::drumroll:: – running water porta potties before the race!

You know you’re a runner when… you get really excited about a “VIP” porta potty.

Anyway! The expo was massive – lots of cool vendors to check out.

Isn’t this race course tour video a cool idea? It was fun to watch. Although I think they should have filmed it on a prettier weather day. 😉

Speaking of weather, it’s not looking so pretty for tomorrow either! It’s calling for rain and a high of 45 – blech. At 7:30 a.m., when the race starts, it will apparently be 43, “feels like” 39, and rainy. Fail. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to wear. So far I just know I’m wearing my Brooks Ravenna 4s (still loving these – they are nice and muddy from last weekend’s trail race!) and my CEP compression sleeves.

I’ve decided the perfect combination is wearing my CEP compression sleeves when I do longer runs or races, and wearing my Zensah compression socks around the house before/after runs, or anytime my legs feel achy. The sleeves are a lot tighter than the socks, so I like them for running but not for around the house because they can get uncomfortable.

So! Let’s talk goals. My current half marathon PR is from my last half marathon in March 2012 in North Carolina – the Tobacco Road Half Marathon. I finished in 1:49:37, which is about an 8:20 minute/mile pace. That’s pretty fast for me, ya’ll. But… I want to beat it. 🙂 I’ve decided my goal will be anything under that time! It’s going to be hard and I haven’t been good about speed work like I was when I did that race, but I think I can do it if I keep with it mentally.

I put in 1:49:00 as a sample time into Taz Running to see what my splits would need to look like. They even adjust it based on the course elevation. So cool!

I think I’m going to write that on my arm so I can see how things are going along the way. Or maybe print it and pin it to my shirt! I really think I can do this if I stay positive and don’t give up and let myself slack off. As Heather said when we were chatting yesterday, “Make it hurt. You’ll be happy you did.”

Here we go!! Wish me luck, friends! And if you want to see how things went before I post again, follow me on Twitter and Instagram. 🙂

And by the way, speaking of running and wacky races like we were yesterday, I wanted to give a shout out to fellow blogger Kindal, who is actually doing a 5k Color Run next weekend IN HER WEDDING DRESS to raise money for charity! How cool is that? Check out her post for more details: Top 10 Reasons to Destroy My Wedding Dress – and here’s a link to her donation page.

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