Sewickley Weekend: The Fitness

Matt, Riese and I had a lot of fun in Sewickley, PA (outside Pittsburgh) this past weekend!

As I mentioned in Friday’s blog post, we drove up on Thursday afternoon to surprise Matt’s dad for his birthday, and enjoyed a weekend of family time + lots of time with friends who live in the area. 

I have a billion photos from the weekend so I’m going to break the recap up into two posts.

Let’s start with the fitness; Wednesday’s post will feature the yummy food we had! 

The #1 fitness highlight of the weekend? A run date with Matt!

I LOVE running in Sewickley – there are some gorgeous wooded back roads and meandering creeks – and it had been forever since Matt and I had a non-stroller run date. What a treat!

We lucked out with a gorgeous morning for a run – the nicest day of the weekend by far, so I’m glad we waited until Sunday to make this happen! Cool(er) and sunny with lower humidity = yay.

We decided to aim for 4 miles and ended up doing 4.1, which felt good!

It was the first run in ages where I finished and actually kind of wanted to keep going, which was a good feeling. Excited to hopefully keep feeling like that as the weather continues to cool!

Matt and I are both doing the Marine Corps 10k in late October and are excited to continue to train together… we will probably do a mix of trade off runs (meaning one of us goes and then the other), stroller runs together, and maybe we will hire a babysitter one morning to go on a non-stroller run date together just for fun. It’s my favorite kind of date. 🙂

Any other readers love doing running dates? 🙂

Post-run lattes from Adesso Cafe, our local fave, while we walked back to Matt’s parent’s place!

Adesso has really awesome snack balls, too! Super seedy, mmmm.

I want to try to recreate a variation of them at home using my Mix + Match No Bake Energy Ball Recipe formula…

The other fitness fun from the weekend was a class – I met my friend Megan at The Studio Sewickley for a TRX/kettlebell boot camp early on Friday morning. It was perfect because they are on ClassPass (affiliate link for $40 off) – love that you can change your location and take classes outside of your home city!

This was one of those things where I was really excited about it when we signed up early in the week… and then the night before I was like “ughhhh I don’t want to wake up early for this class” – but then once I was there I was really glad I did because it was a really great class!

I haven’t been doing as many boot camps/strength classes lately because a lot of them are super high impact and that just doesn’t feel super amazing for my body in this season of life, so I really liked that this class was almost all low impact. We had a brief spurt of cardio where we jumped around and that was fun, but it was nice that it wasn’t the whole class. That kind of thing just kind of exhausts me vs. energizes me nowadays. Guess I’m getting old. 😉

I’ll be back on Wednesday with a recap of all the yummy food we had on the trip – stay tuned!

Tell me about your weekend in fitness – any fun outdoorsy adventures or classes?

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