Fall, Is That You?!

You guys – it might finally be starting to happen. I think fall is on its way – and just in time because today is officially the first day of fall! Hallelujah – marathon training in summer has not exactly been fun. Bring on the cold weather! It was noticeably darker out when I arrived at the track this morning (boo), but also a bit cooler (huge yay). Yesssss – hoping these are the final few days of warm temps and that we are now in the clear!

I felt about a thousand times better at the track this morning than I did on Tuesday morning (we got back on Monday evening from Hawaii after spending the previous night on planes). We had 800’s on the agenda, which was actually a welcome change after a lot of longer interval workouts lately! 800’s (2 laps around the track, or a half mile) are hard because you have to really pace yourself so you don’t burn out after the first lap, but the fact that they are short makes them easier for me mentally than the longer stuff.

We did three sets of the following: 800 at regular threshold pace (hard but not pushing it a ton), rest 1 to 2 minutes, then an 800 at a higher threshold pace (5 to 15 seconds faster than the first one). Rather than doing a full 4th set we just did one more regular threshold pace 800 to finish it off. Felt good, and I had my track buddy Diane next to me to chat with so that always helps too! Love that we are exactly the same pace when we’re both feeling good (I couldn’t keep up on Tuesday)! As always, my watch just includes the workout portion – not the warm up jog and cool down jog. I probably did 5 miles total with those included.

As for this weekend’s long run, I’m traveling again (speaking at Blog Brulee, the workshop/mini-conference for dietitians and nutrition bloggers, in Vermont), and rather than trying to get in a long run tomorrow before I leave I’m going to save the long run for Monday. The weather is looking like it will really transition to fall on Sunday and I seriously cannot handle one more hot long run, so waiting will be worth it I think! Hoping this one goes better than my last super long run did (aka the 18 miler from hell).

In other news, thank you so much for all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! 🙂 I worked most of the day but had some nice breaks – I treated myself to a noon yoga class at Edge Yoga via ClassPass (<—affiliate link for $30 off) that felt wonderful – and I biked there and back which was fun to get some fresh air.

Later in the day I also had a stretching and mobility session with Paul from Capital Energy Training! We did some really good hip strength building moves (so hard) and also did some great really deep hip stretches as well. It felt amazing – I was SO tight still from the plane sitting right after the Maui half marathon, even after yoga, and this helped a TON! Here’s a new move he had me do – basically a cobra pose from yoga, but with my hips on a small pillow. I can never do full cobra pose in yoga classes because it hurts my lower back – this solved the problem! He also had me focus on squeezing my glutes and tucking my hips under. Made such a difference – didn’t bother my back at all! He said this is a good move to do right before running to activate the glutes – I’m going to try it!

As for last night, I got dolled up (I posted a little video of my outfit on Instagram!) and my mom treated me and Matt to dinner for my birthday! We went to BLT Steak, an old fave of all of ours. So delicious! We got a ton of stuff and shared it (including an unpictured yummy bottle of Pinot Noir) – it was a lot so Matt and I brought some serious leftovers home too!

Plus a dessert to share, of course! 🙂 Their mini doughnuts rock.

Thanks to Matt and my mom and to you guys for helping to make my birthday special! 🙂 I will leave you with this funny note on a birthday card that Matt gave me last night – it was a gift to me “from Zara”, lol:

It says: “To: The one who I let play with me and give the honor of petting me when I feel like it.” Lol! How amazingly accurate is that for my fellow cat owners?! Too funny. 🙂 “Zara” (via my mom) also gave me a Starbucks gift card – to stay awake after she keeps us up all night trying to snuggle. Ha!

Have a great day guys! 🙂

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