Water Skiing and Tubing and S’mores, Oh My!

I did it!!!!!!!

After my original failed attempts to water ski on Tuesday, yesterday I successfully stood up on the water skis! And not only did I stand up, I stayed up for an entire trip across the lake, a scary U-turn, AND made it half way back across the lake before falling off 🙂 WIN!

We water skied via jet ski since the boat was having some issues (turned out to be a battery issue — fixed pretty much right away!).

I was so proud of myself — I got up right away on the second try! It’s all about everyone’s advice to lean back and let the boat pull you up naturally, not standing up too quickly or leaning forward at all. Hooray!


That was fun 🙂 And HARD work! A 5 minute jet skiing session left me feeling like I’d just worked out for like 3 hours, lol.

Matt was up next! He was awesome again 🙂



Show off 😉

By the time we were done, the boat was all fixed up and ready for Tim to show off his mad skills!

Ridiculous, right?

The rest of the day yesterday was spent playing on the diving board:

Another Leisure Dive, obvi

Relaxing on the dock:

Playing on the jet skis:

Apparently their dog Babe LOVES the jet ski











I freaking LOVE tubing. So much fun!! Matt and I had a blast — I love that we were on separate tubes because it was like bumper cars 😉

Please enjoy the ridiculous photos that follow 😉


















I feel like you can hear us shrieking just looking at those photos 😉 What a blast!

After the epic tubing experience, we were wiped out. Time for dinner!

The boys cooked while Lindsey and I played cards. Awesome 🙂

On the menu were burgers:

And some delicious summer corn, also grilled. I love corn in summer!

We capped off the evening with a fire pit and s’mores. 🙂 Pretty much the most perfect day ever. 

We all slept VERY soundly last night to say the least. This morning involved a 3 mile run/walk and a peaceful kayaking trip with Lindsey while Matt relaxed outside with his guitar and coffee 🙂

And then it was time to hit the road back to Chapel Hill. We were so sad to leave! A HUGE thank you to our friends Tim and Lindsey for having us and showing us such a great time the past couple days. You guys rock! 🙂

p.s. I HAVE to show you guys this absurd bruise I got from my attempted water skiing on day 1 at the lake. It literally takes up my entire thigh.

Isn’t that absurd?! Somehow when I fell at one point the rope handle basically slammed itself into my entire leg, haha. So sexy.

I think it makes me look more hardcore. No big deal.

I’m off to unpack and then re-pack, because obviously I can’t stay in one place more than a hot second — tomorrow morning I leave for the Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia!

Attune Foods is sponsoring my attendance and it should be a fun weekend! Who else is coming?!

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