Outer Banks Adventures So Far

Hi friends – and hello from Duck, NC in the Outer Banks! You have already seen some of our adventures on Instagram, but Matt and I are here with our families and friends for our annual beach vacation. So far, so good! 🙂

I <3 the beach. It’s so beautiful here!

On our first morning here (Sunday), Matt and I got in a great run with our friend Tom before the beach activities began. 3.5ish miles with 2 stops for mini boot camps (push ups, lunges, jumping squats, dips, side planks, etc!) – check!

Tom is really fast and had us flying on the way back. Whew! Hello, tomato face.

Yesterday’s workout was a nice long walk on the beach with Matt. 🙂 Plus some time playing in the waves!

The food is always one of the big highlights on these trips – we have two houses of people and alternate who hosts. Our first night, we enjoyed swordfish with mango salsa, salad, and corn. Unpictured cookies for dessert!

Sunday night, we had burgers! Plus some slaw, salad, potatoes, etc. Delicious! Watermelon for dessert. 🙂

We’ve also had two great meals out; the first was lunch at the Red Sky Café. Fish tacos FTW!

I also started with a delicious tomato mozzarella salad. I love reduced balsamic!

Last night, we went to dinner at the Lifesaving Station.

When at the beach, eat ALL the seafood. Appetizers: a tasty salad + a crab cake (shared with everyone).

For my entrée, the tuna! Seared rare.

Time to hit the beach – catch you guys later! 🙂

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