Last Day at Wellness Corporate Solutions!

Good morning and happy Friday! Mine is off to a great start — it’s a beautiful day and I had an early a.m. walking date this morning with my friend Heidi! She lives nearby so we met between our places at 6:30 a.m. and walked for an hour; we included a stop at Starbucks as part of our walk. 😉 Perfect Friday treat!

A tip for Starbucks: I love their flavored lattes but they usually put 3 full pumps of the sugary syrup in them and that induces a) a stomachache, or b) a sugar coma. Instead, I order a plain skim latte and ask for a tiny half pump of my favorite syrup — today’s choice was pumpkin spice. It gives it just a hint of sweetness and flavor without overdoing it. Perfect! Try it next time you go. 🙂

I’m heading off to work in a few minutes — today is my last day of my mini-3 week dietetic internship with Wellness Corporate Solutions! I’ve had a great experience with them. On Wednesday this week, I worked at a breast cancer awareness month themed health fair at the Discovery Channel offices up in Silver Spring, MD. It was fun!

I was back in the office yesterday and have been working on some nutrition related presentations for the team to have on hand as needed.

I packed clothes yesterday with plans to go to yoga after work since it was rainy and gross out, only to have the weather clear up and be beautiful by late afternoon! A few of the women from the office (including the senior VP!) go running together after work on Monday and Thursday nights, so I decided to join them last minute. I didn’t have shoes or socks with me but was luckily able to borrow some. 🙂 I didn’t know Under Armour made sneakers — these were really comfortable!

We had a fun run along the C&O Canal near the office. My favorite!

We covered about 4 miles total with some walking, some sprinting, and some very steep uphill action.

I wore my yoga outfit since I didn’t have anything else with me. It worked! 🙂

Isn’t the shirt cute? My friends at New Balance sent it to me to try out — it’s from their new line of yoga-inspired clothing. The clothes from it are SO SOFT and comfortable! It was just as comfy to run in as I’m sure it will be to do yoga in. 🙂

Fun Thursday night! 🙂 It was so fun to run with the group — way better than coming home and running alone would have been, or going to yoga when it was so gorgeous out!

Anyway — off to work I go! I’m taking the next 2 weeks off from internships (and will just work later into November than my classmates) so that I can do all the last minute wedding planning next week, and the week after the wedding, Matt and I are taking a mini-honeymoon for a few nights. We’re waiting to take our real honeymoon until December so I’ll be done with grad school.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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