California Adventures, Part 1

Good morning, my friends – I hope you had fun and active weekends! As you already know by now if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, I was in southern California over the weekend on a fun trip with the California Strawberry Commission!

Sunshine and strawberries? Sign me up!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full recap of our day on the strawberry farm (so fun), but for now I wanted to recap the rest of the weekend – Friday night and my workouts. The CA Strawberries crew put us up in beautiful Ventura, CA, about an hour and a half north of LA.

I’ve actually been here once before – back in 2010 on an adventure road trip with my cousin Willow! 🙂 It was fun to be back – just as gorgeous as I remembered it.

Once all the bloggers arrived on Friday night we were treated to cocktails and dinner in the outdoor patio area of our hotel. I felt like I was on vacation! Strawberry basil mojito? Don’t mind if I do…

I was really impressed with the food – delicious and healthy, too! My favorite combination.

My date for the night was my buddy Monica – so good to see her again so soon after the LA Marathon! After dinner, we were hanging out in her hotel room catching up and all of a sudden I felt like the bed started moving – turns out there was an earthquake!! Welcome to California, apparently!

My entire outfit (jeans, tank top, cardigan) is from Stitch Fix (<—still obsessed).

On Saturday morning, Monica and I met up at 6:45 to get in a run! A much shorter one than the last time I was in LA area and running. 😉 Love being on trips with active buddies.

It was SO beautiful out.

Ridiculous, right? Love that pink sky.

Monica and I did a nice 4 mile out and back, chatting away the whole time.

We did take a quick stop in the name of love, though…

4 miles, done!

On Sunday morning, I got in another workout, this time solo since Monica had already headed out. I headed out around 6:45 again and made up a fun sprinting/boot camp combination workout for myself while enjoying the ocean views. I ran 2 miles total at a good clip, but stopped a bunch during it for side shuffles, walking lunges, and pushups and dips on benches. I was out there for about 45 minutes or so. Fun and sweaty and felt good to get in some movement on such a beautiful morning before sitting in cars and planes the rest of the day.

Stay tuned for the main event recap: a trip to the strawberry farm and an epic food truck lunch. A big thank you to CA Strawberries for having me out and covering my expenses for this trip!

What sort of workouts/adventures did you get in over the weekend?

Of interest:

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