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We had the most delicious local and organic food this weekend! I just had to take pictures and share 🙂

On Saturday, all of our meals (with the exception of snacks) were provided by Jennifer Bright, the owner of the the Tabor House Inn where we stayed. I was VERY impressed!

For breakfast, we started with these to DIE for scones. They were so good I asked Jennifer for the recipe! I created a new recipe page just for them: Cranberry Yogurt Scones. Yummm! And yes, they were made with Stonyfield yogurt! 🙂

It’s a good thing Tina and I ran 4 miles Saturday morning to work up an appetite, because after the scones, we were served amazing bacon and an egg omelet stuffed with local prize-winning goat cheese!

Our mid-morning snack was at one of the organic farms! We were excited to receive a glass of delicious, cold, fresh milk — straight from the source! Yum.

The farmer’s wife also made us whole wheat blueberry muffins, which were AMAZING and made with yogurt! 🙂

For lunch, Jennifer brought a meal over to us at the second organic farm. We shared it with the family, so it was great to get to know them in their own home!

We had chicken salad sandwiches on delicious homemade whole wheat bread (made by the wife of the farmer who let us milk his cows!):

Shrimp, cucumber, and goat cheese orzo salad:

And potato salad. Mmm! Love the pretty garnish 🙂

Dinner was awesome — we invited three of the farmers and their families over to the inn for another delicious meal! It was great to get to know them better over dinner.

We began our evening with wine and some appetizers while mingling. We were served spinach and cheese stuffed mushrooms:

These were awesome! Let me know if you guys are interested in the recipe for these as well! 🙂

And bruschetta. LOVE!

For dinner, we started with a watermelon (!) and tomato lobster soup, served chilled:

YUM! I loved this soup — so unique!

And our main course was beef and veggie skewers, served with a cucumber yogurt sauce and Israeli couscous.

On Sunday morning, after our cow milking adventure (before which I had a snack of some yogurt!), Jennifer served us this beautiful and delicious strawberry stuffed french toast!

Wow. What a treat! 🙂

Lunch on Sunday was eaten at our final organic dairy farm visit in New Hampshire! We had quite the view 🙂

We were served pasta and veggie salad:

Fresh fruit: 

And veggie wraps:

Delish 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the foodie tour of the weekend! I’ll leave you with this:

Hehe. I looooove ice cream.

Coming up on the blog:

  • The answers to your questions about organic food
  • Dedicated posts for each of the farms we visited, highlighting:
    • Rotational grazing
    • Sustainability
    • Why one farmer calls his cows his athletes
    • Details about milking cows
    • Pictures of the organic veggies we sampled (including one veggie I’d never even heard of!)
    • Videos of the farmers

And more! 🙂

Have a great day!

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