Sun’s Out! Plus Running Nutrition Q&A

YOU GUYS. The sun is out!!!!!

I think this is seriously the first run in like 3 weeks that wasn’t in the rain (or super gloomy). Hooray! At this track this morning we were all like, what is that weird bright orb in the sky?! 🙂

I know, exciting stuff, my friends. As for the actual workout, it wasn’t as awesome as the fact that the sun was out – my legs weren’t really feeling it today, despite a nice rest day Sunday and a low key yoga class yesterday. Oh well – can’t win ‘em all! We did a series of four 1200’s (3 laps) with 1 minute break in between. I hung with my track friends until the last 1200, when I was officially over it and dialed the pace down a notch. 🙂

In related news, I really need to clean the screen on my Garmin watch – it’s covered in spray sunscreen and I keep forgetting to wipe it off!

This week has been crazy busy so far as I’m trying to fit a whole bunch of AnneTheRD clients and a lot of work into a few days because we leave on Thursday morning for our big Canadian hiking vacation!

I also had a special visitor yesterday – my Nutrition for Runners co-author Jason was in town!

We grabbed lunch and then spent a couple hours in one of the conference rooms at my co-working office filming sports nutrition Q&A audio and videos. The video should be up on his site sometime soon so I’ll be sure to link to it. Here was our super high tech and professional video set up – lol! To get the camera at the right height we used an assortment of our leftover lunch containers, my laptop and notebooks, and a mug. Just keepin’ it real over here, my friends.

If you’re interested in hearing more from us, we have a running nutrition Q&A that’s already available that we recorded last year when we first launched our program. It addresses the following:

  • How do I balance running with not snacking on unhealthy food?
  • What’s the best way to refuel after a tough workout?
  • I have no appetite after a workout but know I need to fuel. Help!
  • How can I eat enough to fuel my runs but still maintain my goal weight?
  • The top myths about calorie counting, scoring, and tracking percentages
    • It’s free – to access the Q&A just sign up


    • ! Also, Jason gave me a new tagline during one of the interviews:

“Nutrition with a healthy dose of sanity.”

    Lol – I love it!
    Back to work. Have a great day, guys!

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  • From Cookie Monster to Altitude Master: How Jason Upgraded His Diet and Never Felt Better (Jason talking about how partnering with me to create Nutrition for Runners changed his own fueling routine for the better!)
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