Running Happy + Healthier Cashew Chicken

Hi friends!

On this cold and dreary day, I’m dreaming of Sunday’s weather. When Matt and I got back to DC from Colorado in the late afternoon, it was randomly 65 and sunny. Um, what?! After spending all day sitting in cars and airplanes, we were more than ready to get out and enjoy the weather with a run! Check out this gorgeous sunset we enjoyed while out there:

I was also excited that it was finally warm enough to bust out a fun new pair of capris that Brooks sent me as part of my ongoing Run Happy Ambassadorship. These are the PureProject Seamless Ombre Running Capris. Cute, right? I love the change in colors!

Also love that they are seamless. I have the same leggings in plain black and they are among my absolute favorites because of the fit – they are compression-y in a way that is flattering but doesn’t smush your stomach awkwardly, and also stay put during non-run workouts involving squats/jumping around. I’ve worn them to Urban Athletic Club a bunch lately because they stay up much better than my other capris!

I also busted out the new pair of my favorite shoes, the Ravennas, that they sent me in some fun updated spring colors. Also ombre themed – love it! Please ignore my awkward sock/legging lines on my legs that came from the 8 hours of travel…

I didn’t wear my watch, but we ended up covering about 2.5 miles, I’d say – just enough to get the blood flowing after a long day of sitting.

On the food front, I tried a new-to-us recipe from my friend Gina’s HIIT It! book – her slow cooker cashew chicken. I didn’t have time to do the slow cooker, and it was only involved for cooking the chicken in some broth anyway, so I pan cooked the chicken in broth instead. Worked out fine!

Then, per the instructions, I removed the chicken, dumped the rest of the broth, and chopped the chicken, then tossed it back into the pan with the homemade Asian-y sauce. It was a mix of rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, honey, tomato paste, etc! Yum.

Plus 90 second brown rice.

And some string beans for color/nutrients! The last step was to toss on some cashews:

It was delicious! Both of us really liked it – nice to have a healthier Chinese recipe in the holster.

Hope you’re having a great day! After a client meeting in Virginia this morning, I’m now working downtown from the UberOffices and heading out to meet some friends for lunch. 🙂

What’s your favorite healthier Chinese recipe? Links welcome!

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