A Day of Trails

Whew, I’m pooped! Matt and I had quite the action packed day.

First things first — we met local blogger Caitlin for a trail run!

Matt’s not a runner — he plays soccer and says he only likes running when he’s chasing something — but he does love trails, so he came along today, too 🙂

I love this trail! We ran for just over 30 minutes, scrambling through the hilly woods.

After the run, we headed out for mission: buy a couch! It was a success — we found an awesome sectional for a really good price compared to what we’ve seen looking before, so yay! Pictures to come when it arrives 🙂 It will be really nice to have somewhere to sit finally!

The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming! It was a gorgeous day, and Matt and I met up with my friend Amy from high school and headed to an awesome quarry about 15 minutes away in Durham!

There were all sorts of people there swimming — all with rafts, since the water is so deep and you can only tread water for so long! 🙂

The quarry is in a park, and to get to it you have to walk about a mile on a trail in the woods. Then all of a sudden, there’s the water! 🙂 We spent a couple hours in the water playing, lazy-ing around on the rafts, and catching up. It was a great way to spend a beautiful day. I LOVE swimming!

I’m exhausted — finishing up some homework quickly and then off to bed! Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend… or a wonderful short weekend and good day back at work today 🙂

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