A Weekend of Workouts on the National Mall

Hello my friends! First things first – keep those awkward running photos coming for the Brooks contest! I’m getting so many good ones that I need another day to decide, so you get another day to enter! I’ll share the winner tomorrow, along with all the other photos I’ve received. Check back tomorrow for a good laugh. 🙂 I’ve gotten some HILARIOUS ones!

I hope you all had fun and active weekends! Mine was great – a good mix of fun and relaxation.

We had some gorgeous weather here in DC so I took advantage of it by being outside! On Friday, my friend Ashley and I did a casual run/walk down to the monuments. It was so nice out!

As you can see, the Washington Monument is having a little work done right now. Get well soon, monument! (It was slightly damaged in the earthquakes DC had awhile ago.)

I had dinner at a friend’s place on Friday night and was back down on the national mall bright and early on Saturday morning for a fun CrossFit on the Mall workout!

Fellow DC fitness blogger Amy is a member and coach-in-training for a group of CrossFit gyms in D.C., and they hosted a free outdoor CrossFit workout to bring together like minded fitness lovers and to give those who hadn’t tried CrossFit yet a taste of it! Sounded fun to me – especially since the weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday morning.

From left – Amy, Meaghan, me, Ericka

In addition to Amy, it was also great to see fellow fit bloggers Meaghan and Ericka. Go team DC bloggers!

I have to say – the hosts did a great job of making the workout fun (and keeping it organized), even with such a large group. I was actually pretty sore yesterday, too! It was hard!

There were 5 stations and we were divided into teams of 3 and given a sandbag. We did a workout at one of the stations, then walked farther down the mall for another station and a new workout!

Each of the stations involved some sort of sprint, some sort of sandbag move, and some sort of body weight move.

For example:

  • 1 team member sprints to a monument/museum and back
  • Meanwhile, team member 2 is doing lunges or squats holding the sandbag
  • And team member 3 is doing burpee broad jumps, or pushups, or situps
  • When the sprinter is back, you switch and repeat until all 3 of you have done each of the workouts.

It was so much fun. 🙂

Dear Mom, Thanks for signing me up for gymnastics when I was little so that I can now impress people with my handstand abilities. 🙂

Thanks for the great workout, team!

The rest of our weekend was filled with the pool, BBQs, a fun late night out with friends on Saturday, and on Sunday we cleaned our apartment, relaxed, and went out to dinner with family.

How was your weekend? Any great workouts? Feel free to brag! 🙂

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