Beautiful Weekend & Starting an Herb Garden!

Hello friends! We had the most gorgeous weekend ever here in DC weather-wise – sunny with blue skies and crisp air in the low 70s. If only every weekend were so beautiful. 🙂

I took advantage by hitting up an old friend, the C&O Canal, for a run! I hadn’t been out there in AGES – I missed it.

Everything was looking very lush, green, and spring-like!

My favorite part of the trail is where it opens up to the Potomac. Stunning!

Basking in the sunshine:

The miles went by quickly – before I knew it, we’d finished out 5 miles. Done and done! Total time: 42:36. Average pace: 8:31 minute/miles. Great run!

Matt and I spent most of the weekend out and about – on Friday night we went out to dinner for our 6 month wedding anniversary (can’t believe how time has flown!), on Saturday night we were out and about with friends, and last night we went over to a friend’s place for a BBQ. But I did make us a delicious brunch on Saturday:

Scrambled eggs with black beans, onions, green pepper, a little cheese, and topped with salsa! Grapefruit on the side. Yum, yum. I love black beans with eggs.

The other excitement of the weekend was starting the beginnings of an herb garden! Hometown Seeds sent me a kitchen herb value pack to test out over a year ago, but last year at this time I was busy studying for my grad school comprehensive exams, then we moved back from NC to DC, and then I started my hospital internship, so the seeds ended up getting totally lost and forgotten in the shuffle. I found them the other day and Matt and I decided to finally put them to good use!

We hit up Home Depot and bought some railing boxes to put our herbs in once they’ve germinated. Matt’s task was putting them up!

And my job was to get our seeds started in this kit we bought.

A few of the seeds had to be soaked before we could plant them but the rest were ready to go.

The kit comes with a lid that acts as a sort of greenhouse!

Fingers crossed the seeds start growing so we can transfer them out into our herb boxes on the porch soon! Matt and I are both totally clueless about gardening, so if you have any tips, I’m all ears. 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend, too! And stay tuned – I have a fun workout gear giveaway coming at ya’ll tomorrow!

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