28 Week Pregnancy Update (Baby #2)

Hello, third trimester – I’m officially 28 weeks with baby #2 as of Wednesday!

Time feels like it’s going very slowly at this point. 3 months to go still?!

It feels like forever ago that I found out I was pregnant!

Part of me wants time to speed up, and part of me wants it to stay slow because I get weepy thinking about how this is the last time that it will just be the 3 of us and also because I’m kind of terrified to do the newborn phase again, especially with a toddler in the mix…

(I hope that doesn’t come across like I’m not excited about this baby, because I am! We can’t wait to meet him and snuggle him and watch him grow. It’s just that there are a lot of complicated emotions at play right now, you know?)

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I’m going to do a little survey-style post this time like I used to do with all my first pregnancy updates (when I was on point and used to publish pregnancy updates every two weeks…)

28 Week Pregnancy Update – Baby #2

Baby Size: About 2.5 pounds and the size of an eggplant!

I’m feeling VERY pregnant now, my bump cannot be missed that’s for sure. I’m definitely bigger than I was last time at this point – common for second pregnancies, I know!

What I’m loving right now: Feeling so much baby movement!

This is definitely the coolest part of pregnancy in my opinion. It’s so magical to feel the baby move around inside you. I’m just about to the point where you can start to see bigger movements from the outside, too, which is so cool/crazy.

Riese has had fun feeling the baby move and I think she’ll be fascinated as the movements get more extreme from the outside! 

Symptoms: Some days I feel okay, other days not so much – I’m starting to get more tired again and definitely feeling more uncomfortable/awkward physically.

I seem to hit a wall around 2 most days which is not super helpful given that we have a toddler who wants to play lots of high energy games! 

I mentioned in a previous lifestyle blog post that I had hip/glute pain appear a couple weeks ago, right on cue – I had it with my first pregnancy too. Stretching seems to help, so I’m trying to be better about doing that! 

I’m starting to have a little heartburn on and off some days, especially later in the day. It’s not super bad, just kind of feels like my food is sitting, you know? And sometimes I feel a bit of nausea in the evenings again or am super turned off by certain foods. 

Overall, though, despite being physically more awkward and uncomfortable I still feel WAYYYY better than I did in the first trimester, so I’m thankful for that!

Sleep: Hit or miss! 

I am pretty restless in terms of sleep right now and feel like I’m awake a lot during the night which is frustrating – either because my hips ache and I need to switch sides, or because I have to go to the bathroom, or just because I wake up. I’m such a light sleeper these days.

I don’t usually have a hard time falling asleep, though, which is nice!

Some nights I’ll legit get in bed at 7:30 – I love reading before I go to sleep and it’s such a nice time to unwind, especially because I’m usually wiped by that time of day. The past week I’ve been feeling extra tired and there have been a few nights I’ve fallen asleep while reading my book at like 8p.m.! 

(Sidenote – a new fiction reads post is coming next week because I’ve been doing so much reading lately and have found some really good ones I want to share.)

The days I get more deep sleep I notice a big difference in how I feel the rest of the day, which isn’t surprising. 

Cravings and favorite foods: Mexican food and I are having a moment, and pizza is almost always a win as well.

Also, chicken fingers. 🙂 And popcorn!

I’m also really into cool, crunchy salads, raw veggies, juicy fruit, and yogurt! Pretty similar to my last pregnancy. 

The kid’s meal chicken fingers in the photo below were most definitely for me, not my toddler. No shame. 😉 She was more interested in Matt’s fries anyway!

This was our first dinner out in ages – it was warmer here earlier this week so we took advantage with an outdoor meal which was such a treat!

Food aversions: Sesame oil!!

This is random but anything with sesame oil in it is super gross to me right now. It’s just such a powerful flavor! 

Anything too heavily spiced/seasoned is also a no go. 

Currently Missing: Being able to comfortably tie my shoelaces or pick up something off the floor. 🙂 So awkward!!

I also miss being able to read to Riese with her in my lap without my belly getting smushed… we always read books before bed in a cozy chair together and when she leans back on me it’s so uncomfortable on my stomach, oof. 

Exercise: I mentioned in a previous blog post that we got a Peloton bike! 

I’ve been enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would, and it’s great because it doesn’t seem to bother my hip and it feels very pregnancy friendly.

It’s really nice to have a cardio option that gets my heart pumping and gives me some endorphins since running is off the table for me now (and has been since the end of the first trimester, it just didn’t feel great for me after that). 

I tried one of the Peloton prenatal yoga classes the other day and enjoyed that, too. 

And I’m also still loving the Harlow’s Earth week-by-week prenatal yoga series on YouTube! It’s genius to have a different class for each week of pregnancy since what feels good changes so much throughout the process. The instructor is lovely and the classes are usually 30 minutes which is about right too!

In terms of strength work, I’m doing my sister-in-law Morgana’s virtual strength classes twice per week, and it has felt good to incorporate some strength building as well. I honestly never want to do the classes but once I do it feels good, and I know it’s good for me. 🙂 

My brother-in-law and I are still doing a once per week private virtual personal training session, too, which is nice since it’s so tailored to me/pregnancy right now! 

So between that and lots of walking I’m feeling good about staying active when I can and as it feels good physically! 

Mood: Relatively even – having Riese go to bed at 7 p.m. instead of staying up til 9 or so (because we dropped her nap back in December) has been so great because it gives me downtime in the evenings to just relax, hang out with Matt, watch TV, read in bed, or go to bed super early, so that’s been nice to have some time during the day to recharge unlike before! 

I definitely still feel like my emotions are heightened compared to normal, but for now I’m feeling relatively stable, so let’s hope that continues. 🙂 

Currently researching: Pumps!

I have the spectra s2 pump (the version with no battery) from last time, but I’m wondering if I should invest in a pump that doesn’t have to be plugged in and is more portable since it seems those have come a long way since a few years ago.

Thoughts? Any recs?

No other big updates here, so I will close this out!

Next time I should have more updates on baby room progress and such, but for now we haven’t done anything else besides what I talked about in my last pregnancy update at 23 weeks, so check out that post if you missed it! 

Thank you for sharing in this special time with us – I really appreciate you being here. <3

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