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Morning friends – happy Friday! I was glad to hear you enjoyed the look of my Berry Lemon Quinoa Breakfast Bake recipe from Tuesday! I wanted to mention that I made another variation of it earlier this week that was baby led weaning friendly – the details of what I left out/how I made it baby-friendly are in this Instagram post. Riese likes it! And I’ve been enjoying having it topped with cottage cheese. Nice to have a fast pre-made breakfast on hand!

We’ve also been noshing on my protein pancake (<- recipe) some this week. (Her little hand in this photo cracks me up!)

Riese still doesn’t love scrambled eggs or hard boiled eggs, but she likes them in this pancake (I make it without the vanilla extract… I’m assuming it’s not baby-friendly since it’s made with alcohol – and I always forget to add it when I make it for myself anyway). I give her little finger-sized pieces with some nut butter or yogurt spread on them if I feel like getting extra messy. 😉

Blueberries are officially her favorite food, btw – she takes them down now! I just split them in half before giving them to her.

As for lunches lately, I’ve been really into an easy old fave – toast topped with cottage cheese, smoked salmon, and arugula. Incredibly fast to throw together – perfect for busy days, whether at the computer or with the babe!

I’ve also been enjoying leftover quinoa (mixed with diced onions + some other random veggies we had lying around with a little lemon juice and olive oil), wilted spinach, and fried eggs for another easy lunch.

In other news, I’m really excited because my brother and his fiance are in town for the weekend – they are having their engagement party here in the area tomorrow night! We have some fun adventures lined up in addition to the actual party – looking forward to a family-filled weekend.

In preparation for the festivities, I went and got my hair highlighted earlier this week for the first time in nearly a year. Yay, I’m blonde again! Nice to feel more put together than I have in awhile. 🙂

I brought my laptop with me to the salon and worked the whole time because I went on one of my workdays – had to maximize the childcare time! I actually got a ton accomplished/crossed off my to-do list, so that worked out well to multitask. 🙂

Have a great weekend guys – see you back here on Monday.

What have you been eating for breakfast or lunch this week? If you’re a parent, what was your kid’s favorite food around 8/9 months of age?

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