A Summery 12 Miler

Another marathon training long run is done and in the books! This morning, my training buddy Kathleen and I knocked out 12 sweaty and hot miles. Summer is back in DC, apparently!

Today’s run was just “eh” – not terrible but not amazing, either. The great company and scenery definitely helped, though!

For today’s run, we ran out along the Custis Trail next to I-66 for awhile before linking up with the W&OD trail. I love that there are so many trails in Virginia/DC!

We did a simple out and back, and at the turn around at mile 6 we stopped and both had one of these “Roctane” Gu gels. I’ve been experimenting with different types of gels and flavors just to mix it up, but neither of us liked this one. The caffeine definitely helped with morale, but the “Island Nectar” flavor was kind of gross. I might try some of the other flavors next time – or maybe just stick with my old faves the espresso Hammer Gel and mocha Clif Shot Gel. 🙂 I just ordered a big box of those for us in preparation for the many miles to come!

Mentally, I love out and back runs – it’s always nice to think “I just have to run 6 miles, then turn back and run home!” vs. “I have to run 12 miles.” Hey – if mind games work for running, then go with it, right?

We were glad the trail was mostly shady – it was definitely warm out there this morning.

Near the end of the run, my right knee was starting to bother me a little bit – not pain, just feeling really stiff. That’s the knee that I had problems with a few years ago, though, which makes me nervous. I’m just trying to ice it as much as I can – and I need to make sure to keep up my hip strengthening, too. Hoping it doesn’t become a real problem later…

12 miles – done and done. I don’t have our splits as I’m still borrowing my friend Karen’s watch (thanks, girl!) until the new one I ordered comes (more on that when it arrives!), but we finished in 1:54:38 and averaged about a 9:33 min/mile pace. I think the second half was slower than the first – we were both feeling worn out on the return lap today.

This was a step down week (last week we did 14 miles), and next week my running coach Mary has us doing 16 miles for our long run. I’m excited about 16 – I feel like that is when we’ll really feel like we’re marathon training instead of half marathon training. Eek!

While we’re speaking of running, I also wanted to say a big thank you to Women’s Running Magazine for featuring me in their latest issue! I’m so honored and excited to be in there! 🙂

And now, back to work – my AnneTheRD business has gotten really busy again now that everyone is coming back from vacation and interested in nutrition again. 🙂

Have a wonderful day, my friends! How’s your running going this week? Any new PDRs or great runs?

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