Happy Halloween!

Hi guys – Happy Halloween! Matt got me this fun jack ‘o’ lantern maternity shirt for the occasion – might as well have a little fun with the bump while I have it, right? 🙂 (It looks more intense from the side – the bump isn’t that impressive from the front, apparently!)

Today is my last day working downtown at my co-working space – I’m really going to miss it, but it didn’t make sense to pay for all of November when I have no idea what is going to happen in terms of our baby’s grand debut!

In related news – I finally got around to packing up my hospital bag yesterday! I picked out two of my favorite swaddles and then two of my fave newborn outfit options for the baby to go home in (or take pictures in, if they have a newborn photographer at the hospital, which I assume they will). Aren’t the rubber ducky footies the cutest?! And I LOVE that white onesie with the sparkly letters – it says “Hello World, I’m _____!” <- her name! My cousin Spencer and his wife Michelle sent it to us – so sweet. <3

Anyway! Since I was going to work downtown today anyway, the girls and I coordinated with a DC early morning workout – easy to just shower and head straight to the office that way. Workouts are still feeling good – I just modify things to be way more low key and it works out well. 🙂

I’m not sure how many more boot camps we’ll get to do together at this point, so it was good to get in a solid workout with them this morning – I’m going to miss seeing them every week while I recover/wait to get cleared for exercise again!

One of the moves I modified was instead of doing a “superman” pose (where you lie on your stomach and raise your arms and feet off the ground), I did some inversions where I walked my feet up the wall and held for about 30 seconds. Doctor’s orders – it’s time for this baby to flip over!

I had my appointment with the turning specialist doctor yesterday who does the ECV (external cephalic version) procedure – they did an extensive, long ultrasound to see how things are looking in there. She’s still in Frank breech presentation, but she hasn’t dropped down/locked in too low yet and my fluid levels look good, so they said I am a candidate for the procedure if we want to give it a shot. It’s about a 55-60% chance of successful turning, and they would want to do the procedure later this week if we go for it. Matt and I are both really on the fence about it… we’re nervous about the risk factor (risk isn’t high, but it’s not nonexistent, and occasionally things go south and the baby will need to come out right then and there, so they do the procedure in labor & delivery just in case). Part of me just wants to wait and see if she turns naturally on her own with some of the other methods (inversions, prenatal chiro appts, moxibustion, etc.) because I wonder if she hasn’t turned because she’s not ready to, or because for some reason she shouldn’t/can’t, but part of me wants to give ECV a shot just to make sure we have tried everything, you know? Such a tough call. We basically decided last night to go for it, but now I’m having second thoughts! I was reading some of the related research/data on this site and apparently even in the 55% of people who had successful versions, 25% still went on to have a C section later. If I knew that were going to happen, I’d rather just do the scheduled one… arg, so many unknowns!

So… yeah. That’s the latest. We’ll see! I need to call them later today if we want to schedule the ECV, so it’s time to make a decision either way!

I will leave you guys with a photo of part 1 of my post-workout breakfast – I grabbed a whole milk latte (half decaf) and a sausage biscuit from Baked and Wired – delicious! Part 2 was some grapes and a couple hard boiled eggs packed from home for more protein. 🙂

Any fun plans to celebrate Halloween? Nothing crazy over here – normally we go to a haunted forest every year, but getting chased on rocky/dark trails by scary creatures with chainsaws while 9 months pregnant didn’t seem to be the brightest idea. 😉

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