Bloggers Take Boston

Good morning from Massachusetts! 🙂

Man, I love New England and Boston, too. It’s nice to be back for a visit!

As I mentioned, I’m here in town for a blogger event with Reebok today. Bloggers are coming in from all over, but there was a group of us that came up straight from the Fitness Magazine event yesterday in NYC. We traveled on the train together, arrived in Boston around 2 p.m. and set out immediately to explore! Sarah lives in the city and was an awesome tour guide. 🙂

From left — me, Sarah, Julie, Maria, Courtney 

We had a blast playing in the city all day — the weather cleared up for us eventually, too!

Oh, Boston. I heart thee. So clean and quaint! I’ve always said I’d love to live here… if it weren’t so darn cold in the winter!

We hit up Berry Line for frozen yogurt…

Yum. 🙂

And then wandered around some of the shops on Newbury Street, making our way to the park.

So beautiful!

Traveling with other bloggers is always fun because they love photos as much as you do. 🙂

We met up with Tina (who had gone home to change and drop off her stuff after the train ride) in the park and then continued our walking tour by heading towards the Charles River.

I love cities that have rivers running through them!

We headed to dinner at a place called Red Lantern after our walking adventures.

I loved the décor!


We all shared a bunch of appetizers and main dishes — so this happened every time any food arrived. Food paparazzi! 🙂

So funny.

Tuna tartar:

Chicken and beef skewers with cilantro sauce — these were AMAZING:

This next one was essentially orange chicken — we ordered this thinking it wasn’t fried and would include more veggies — fail. Oh well, it was still delicious, as fried food unfortunately is. 🙂

Sea Bass with eggplant — major yum:

Plus a noodle dish — also tasty.

Fun dinner — the food was good, but the company was the real pleasure. Tina, Julie, Courtney, Sarah, Maria, and I had a blast laughing it up and chatting. Great group of girls. 🙂

Off to get ready for the day with Reebok! If you’d like to follow along on Twitter, the hash tag we’ll be using is #RBKfitblog. I’m excited because a CrossFit class is on the agenda for this morning — I’ve never tried it before!

Happy Friday!

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