40 Week Pregnancy Update!

Well, my friends, I wasn’t sure I’d get to write this post, but here we are and I’m still pregnant! I’ll be 40 weeks tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day!), so technically I’m not quite 40 weeks, but close enough. 😉 As you guys know, we have a C section scheduled for Friday because the baby is still breech, although of course she could decide to make her debut before then… only time will tell! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook if you want updates before I have a chance to blog them!

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40 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby Size: Roughly 7 to 7.5 pounds and the size of a small watermelon (I love that this is our final food size comparison because watermelon has been my #1 favorite pregnancy food)!

Symptoms: Still feeling relatively good physically as far as being 40 weeks pregnant goes! It’s super awkward to bend over/tie my shoes and my digestive system is still a bit of a mess, but I’m really grateful to still feel pretty decent physically. The hardest thing at this point is that my bladder is being REALLY smushed. If I have more than a tablespoon of pee in there I basically feel like I am about to explode because I need to pee so badly. Good times!

Currently Missing: Being able to go more than 30 minutes without needing to pee. 🙂

Sleep: Been focusing on getting as much sleep as I can! I wake up a lot to switch positions and go to the bathroom, and occasionally I’ll find myself wide awake and not able to fall back asleep, but I’m spending 9 to 10 hours in bed at night (even though I’m not sleeping that while time) which is awesome and feels good.

Cravings, favorite foods, and aversions: Food has been a bit hit or miss again, especially at dinnertime. Anytime I actually want veggies I go for it immediately – often salads have sounded good as an appetizer which is good, but otherwise I’m mostly craving things like grilled cheese, pizza, burgers, fries, chips, pasta, tacos, etc. Matt is looking forward to me actually being interested in lighter/more veggie-packed dinners again soon, and so am I! I’ve been reeeeally into Mexican food lately – we had a really good dinner with friends last night at Guajillo in Arlington – carne asada with refried beans and rice hit the spot (as did the chips, guac, and queso).

Eggs and I are still good friends as well – obsessed with all egg-related brunches lately! I had a really fun breakfast date with my college friends Kathleen and Sarah yesterday for Sarah’s birthday – we hit up the Four Seasons in Georgetown for a special treat and all of us got their truffled veggie frittata. Soooo good! Their chocolate croissants were also amazing.

Exercise: After deciding 2 weeks ago that I was going to call it on the boot camp classes, I changed my mind this week and decided to get in just 1 more class yesterday morning with the girls! I figured I wasn’t having any signs of pre-labor and still felt pretty good, so why not?! I modified everything to be easier and low impact and enjoyed the social time. 🙂 And yay, my water didn’t break during class! (I was kind of terrified that would happen, and I’m sure the instructor was, too!)

Terrible lighting, but one last bump/medicine ball photo needed to happen! 🙂

Other than that, the past two weeks I’ve been doing a ton of walking and the occasional swim and prenatal yoga class. I’m loving this cold weather – I feel for those of you who were super pregnant in summer… the heat was so rough!

Pre-Contractions/Labor Sensations: Still nada! I know that some people have their water break/go into labor without any early signs, though, so who knows if this indicates anything or not!

Mood: Feeling all the feels. Excited, nervous, happy, weepy, impatient, ready, not ready, etc. I read some birth stories recently and probably shouldn’t have because it made me sad I won’t get to have a vaginal birth experience – but I’m reminding myself to go with the flow, and that all that matters is getting our baby out safely! A C section wasn’t what we were planning or how we envisioned things going, but life is rarely how you plan it/envision it, right? That said – if you want to share some links with me for empowering/positive C section birth stories (I’ve already read Meghann’s and loved it), that would be amazing!

I can’t BELIEVE that my pregnancy journey, which started way back in February, is now coming to a close – and that our next big chapter is about to begin! We feel so grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to become parents, and can’t wait to see what it’s like.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing in this special time with us. <3 I may pop in on Friday morning to share some photos from Thanksgiving before we head to the hospital, but we’ll see. Either way, when the baby arrives (either Friday via the scheduled C section or earlier if I go into labor first), I’ll plan to take some time off the blog (a week or so), but will pop in to let you guys know she is here. And as I said above, check Instagram for updates, too – that will likely be the first place I’ll announce her arrival to the public! 🙂

See you guys on the flip side – and a very Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!

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