Ready to Run San Francisco + This Week’s Workouts

Hi friends! I’m super excited because in only a few short days I’ll be running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco! As you know, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to run the race sponsored by ClassPass (<—all access pass to the best fitness studios/gyms in your city), and will be joined by 5 other awesome bloggers for the adventure. (Here’s a blog post that shares details on the #ClassPassRunner blogger group I’ll be with!).

I fly out west tomorrow morning and can’t wait to (literally) hit the ground running! A HUGE thank you to ClassPass for covering my travel, lodging, and race fees. It’s an honor to have this opportunity. 🙂

Since I know this race is extremely hilly, I’m not planning to try to set any PRs, and instead going out there with the goal to just have fun and enjoy the sights! I’ll be taking lots of photos as usual so you guys can join in on the fun. 🙂

As for workouts this week, I’ve been keeping things relatively low key since I have the race coming up! Here’s what’s I’ve been up to.


Hiking with Matt on our anniversary weekend trip! 🙂


Track workout! I didn’t make it to the track to meet my group at all last week (decided a rest day was more important), and I was surprised that all of a sudden this week it’s now DARK again at 6:30 a.m.! Noooo! So not ready for that. Once the sun came up it turned into a lovely morning, though.

Our workout was a tempo run: 2400 (6 laps), 1600 (4 laps), and then three 800s (2 laps), with 2 to 3 minutes rest in between each set. Pace was medium threshold – pushing but not going too crazy hard. I also did about a mile each to warm up and cool down.


Lunchtime yoga at Epic Yoga via ClassPass! It was a really calming, restorative class – felt amazing. I’m so obsessed with yoga as a break during the workday! I also jogged about 2 miles with the Girls on the Run team later in the day. 🙂


First thing this morning, I met fellow running/fitness blogger Charlie for a nice walk! (Remember when she wrote a great guest post for me on Natural Headache Remedies?) Charlie is British and lives in London (love her accent!), and is in the U.S. because she just ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! She’s now here in DC visiting friends. I always love meeting up with fellow bloggers – especially those I have so much in common with, so I was excited to meet her! Our original plan was a yoga class via ClassPass (she has ClassPass in London and you can use ClassPass in any city when you travel, which is awesome), but the class we signed up for was cancelled last minute. Lame! Oh well – it was a beautiful morning for a walk, and that meant we had more time to chat anyway. 🙂

Charlie is in the process of going back to school right now to become a dietitian, so we had a blast talking all things blogging, nutrition, school, and running. After walking for a little while, we transferred the party to Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast before saying goodbye. Thanks for the fun morning, Charlie! Come back again soon! 🙂

As for tomorrow, I’ll be enjoying a rest day! On Saturday we’re doing a light shake out run with the group in San Francisco, and then Sunday is the race! Yay. As you guys know, I ran the DC version of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (<—still my half marathon PR!) back in 2013 and LOVED it. It’s probably best known as “that race that gives out Tiffany & Co. necklaces at the finish line.” So excited to check out the San Francisco variation!

I’ll be popping in tomorrow with a fun new recipe, and then probably won’t be back until Tuesday via the plane ride home, just FYI. In the meantime, check out Instagram for a sneak preview of what I’m up to, as always. 🙂

Who else is running San Francisco this weekend? Or, if you’ve run it in the past, any tips?

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