Hi from Duck, North Carolina, in the Outer Banks!

As you know, we are here this week on our annual week long beach vacation with Matt’s family and some family friends. It’s been a fun week so far – luckily our Monday morning rain broke and we’ve had good weather ever since!

So far, we’ve spent part of our mornings on fitness – a few of the other ladies and I have been to Duck Village Yoga a few times already, which is our old fave. Nice variety of classes and times!

And Matt and I mixed it up and did a fun walk/jog yesterday morning into town and along the docks – love those views!

We did a mini boot camp on the docks – our tradition! This year’s run that accompanied the boot camp was just much shorter and slower and interspersed with running. 🙂 It was so hot out there, and as I mentioned in my 20 week pregnancy update, my running days are mostly walk/light jog days now. 🙂

We got iced lattes in town and walked back with them, then made breakfast sandwiches back at the house – bacon, scrambled eggs, and juicy tomatoes!

The rest of our days have been spent at a mix of the beach and the pool!

I’ve been doing some playing in the waves/pool and some relaxing and reading in the shade. I found this book, The Color of Our Sky, on the metro in DC, randomly, and it sounded good so I kept it – highly recommend! I flew through it – intense but so good.

Also, I’m obsessed with peaches at the beach – the ones from the farm stands are so juicy and delicious! Great beach snacks.

Evenings have been spent enjoying sunsets and good food!

We’ve been cooking dinner most nights, either at our place or the other big house of family friends. One night my brother and sister in law made us an Asian-y peanut pasta with grilled chicken and summery tomato mozzarella basil salad.

And last night we had burgers with BBQ sides – yum!

On Monday night, we went out to dinner at Blue Point in Duck – I had a starter salad and then the crab cakes for my entrée – plus a fruit cobbler dessert I shared with Matt!

I’m going to take tomorrow off from blogging and enjoy the rest of the relaxation – but I’ll be back on Monday with a recap of the end of our trip! Have a great weekend guys 🙂

What’s your favorite beach/beach town? I basically love any beach. There’s nothing like the sound of the waves – and jumping over them!

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