My Workouts This Week

On Sunday, I wrote on Twitter that I was scheduling my workouts for the week into my calendar. This is something I do every Sunday as I get ready for the new week — it’s the only way to make sure my workouts actually happen when I get really busy! I am as specific as possible when I schedule my workouts by writing in the time/type of exercise. The more concrete the workout appointment, the less likely I will skip it! Treat it like any other unbreakable appointment in your calendar. No ifs, ands, or buts. Just do what your calendar says. 🙂

Anyway, a few people responded via Twitter that they were interested to see my schedule, so here’s what I’ve got going on this week!


5:45 p.m. — Power yoga class at Franklin Street Yoga — 1.5 hours

It was a great class, as always. I was happy to return to my favorite studio! For those of you in the area — in honor of the MLK Day Holiday on Monday, they will be offering free classes all day!


6:45 a.m. — 4 mile run with Genna

We had a great run this morning, chatting away as always. It was mild out but super dark for the first half of the run! Check out the before and after of the UNC bell tower:

We ran through the UNC campus into Chapel Hill and Carrboro for a big loop — 4 miles in 35:28, average pace 8:52 min/miles.


9:30 a.m. Pure Barre class (I purchased a cheap deal for 4 classes at a place nearby — excited to give it a try — I’ve never done a barre workout before!)


6:45 a.m. — 4.4 mile run with Elle (I know 4.4 miles is random but it’s the distance of our usual loop!)


Morning gym workout (easy elliptical, weights/abs) or rest, if I’m super tired.

And that’s that! I don’t usually plan my weekend workouts (unless I’m training for a race and need to schedule a long run) because I like playing it by ear — if it’s nice out, Matt and I like going biking or hiking, as you guys know. I usually work out 6 days per week with 1 rest day or super low key day (e.g. a walk).

Do you schedule your workouts? Also, has anyone done Pure Barre before? What can I expect on Wednesday?

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