A Texas Wedding

I’m alive! And so is my laptop (more on that later). 🙂

First things first — CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Jessica and her new hubby David!

Gotta love a man in uniform 😉

The weekend was quite the whirlwind because I was a bridesmaid in the wedding!

There was hair:

Cool right? It was like a more creative french twist.

There was makeup:

And beautiful bouquets:

And pretty bridesmaid dresses! Here I am with my friend Sarah from college — we were roommates with the bride in DC 🙂

I really liked our dresses! Not too bridesmaid-y, either.

Here is the beautiful bride, just before heading down the aisle:

I LOVED her dress — very vintage meets Vogue, with sparkly beading, cute cap sleeves, and these beautiful scalloped edges!

It was a wonderful weekend to celebrate a wonderful couple. Hope you’re having a blast on the honeymoon right now 😉 Congrats again!

The only bad part of the weekend was coming home! We made it to the airport in Houston super early, so I put myself on the standby list for an earlier flight. I assumed I wouldn’t make it because it was full and everyone had checked in, but literally 30 seconds before they closed the door they called me on! Since the plane was so full, they gate checked my bag at the last minute, and since I was so flustered I completely forgot that I had put my laptop in it, since I was planning on carrying it on. Major fail. When I arrived here in Raleigh, my bag is nowhere to be found. I waited in line for an hour at baggage claim only to have them tell me they had no clue what happened to it. At this point I started to cry, clearly. Luckily the lady was super nice and assured me they would find it, but that it just might not be til later that night. So home I went to wait. I finally heard at 11 p.m. that my bag had shown up. I waited up until 12:30, when I finally passed out and left a note saying to leave my bag outside my door. When I checked at 2:45 a.m., it wasn’t there yet. But at 5:45 a.m. it was, laptop and all 🙂 What a relief!

Do you have any traveling horror stories? I went to visit my high school BFF Jenny in Taiwan in 2003, and they lost my bag for like 4 days. The airport people were really upset since I was a foreigner, so they randomly gave me some cash as compensation, haha. It was weird.

Time to get down to studying — big test tomorrow in my Counseling Skills class, eeek! Lots of memorizing intense formulas, values indicating conditions, etc. Wish me luck!

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