One Week From Today

Hi guys! Only one week (or less, if she arrives early on her own prior to our breech scheduled C section) until we meet our baby girl! Everyone keeps asking us: “Are you ready?” and we have no idea how to answer. I mean, logistically, yes, we are ready – we have the room mostly set up, we have a bassinet, we took a bunch of pre-baby classes, the car seat has been installed and checked, we have clothes and diapers, etc. Emotionally, though… I guess? I mean, how can you really be ready for something that you can’t even comprehend? I’m definitely excited, but it still feels very abstract, and I’m having a bit of a hard time with these last couple weeks because they just feel soooo slow – and lonely, since I’m home by myself a lot despite trying to plan social outings at least once a day. I guess I’m just tired of waiting, which I’m sure is very normal! Speaking of – I loved this article on the “in-between” that is the last days of pregnancy. It’s a weird time… your old pre-baby life is still intact, but you have one foot impatiently out the door. The article articulates it beautifully.

And so, we wait! 39 weeks yesterday – here’s an awkward and messy mirror bump selfie for your viewing pleasure.

Everything looked good at my 39 week check up yesterday… baby is still cozy and breech so it’s pretty unlikely she will move at this point!

After the doctor’s appointment yesterday I was running some errands and was surprised to find I was craving veggies. Shocking! I decided to act on it immediately… my food choices haven’t exactly been veggie-packed lately. 🙂 This kale caesar salad (that’s hearts of palm with melted parmesan cheese on top – yum) and made-to-order juice (beet + celery + lemon + ginger + carrot) hit the spot!

As for other recent eats, I had half a leftover biscuit from brunch last weekend and enjoyed it with some scrambled eggs, avocado, and arugula:

AND I have a very important tip for you – Matt has discovered THE best way to reheat leftover pizza. Put a large pan (dry – no oil or spray) over medium high heat, and place the pizza in it. Once the pan is hot, put a teaspoon or two of water in a corner of the pan (not touching the pizza) and then put the lid on. In about 5 minutes, the hot pan will crisp up the pizza crust, and the steam from the water will help melt the cheese. It’s perfection – no more soggy leftover pizza. You’re welcome.

No studio workouts to report this week since my exercise has been all walking! I’m thinking of hitting the pool later today, though – we’ll see. And maybe another prenatal yoga class this weekend!

Have a nice weekend, guys – I’ll leave you with some favorite links from around the web recently:

  • One of my best friends sent me this TED talk on parenting taboos – loved it. I need to keep all of this in mind, especially the high highs and low lows portion (vs. more steady average happiness pre-kids), in the coming months!
  • Better nutrition = faster racing. Runner readers – you’ll find this blog post interesting!
  • Absolutely LOVED this BuzzFeed article on 13 Weight Loss Myths You Should Stop Believing Yesterday. Hear, hear! I’m honored to be quoted.
  • When it comes to making the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, it’s all about the brine. Here’s a good recipe for turkey brine if you need one!

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