Philadelphia Adventures

Hello my friends!

As you know, yesterday I spent the day hanging out in Philadelphia with two of my college BFFs, Turner and Kris! The three of us were roommates senior year of college – ah, memories. 🙂 These ladies have seen me at my very best and my very worst, that’s for sure. So lucky to have them in my life. <3

That’s Turner’s adorable daughter, Brooke. Such a cutie! Fun to see her again, too – she’s growing so quickly! 7 months now – time flies.

I took the train up to Philadelphia so I could work on the way there and back (and, let’s be honest, so I could have wine at dinner and not have to drive afterwards). I arrived around 10:30 and we spent the morning hanging out with Brooke before Turner’s mom came to babysit and let the three of us head off to lunch solo! Baby free lunch for a new-ish mom? That calls for drinks, obviously. Kris and I were happy to get on board, too – prosecco me!

We had lunch at a cool spot called Whetstone Tavern.

They had an awesome brunch menu, and you guys know I’m a serious brunch fan, but since I was up early and on the train I’d already had breakfast-y things and was ready for lunch. I decided a burger would hit the spot!

I wanted salad AND fries; luckily Turner got fries with her burger and the waiter told us it came with a ton so we shared them. 🙂

Yum. The fries were awesome, the salad was great, the burger was pretty good but not amazing – needed to be thicker and juicier. I’ve been spoiled by Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington!

We spent the afternoon walking around the city enjoying the sights and doing a little shopping! There are so many cute boutiques in Old City – always fun to explore. I also love the city art. 🙂

Dinner was at an ADORABLE little neighborhood restaurant called Little Fish. I LOVE the Philadelphia restaurant scene for two reasons: 1) there are a ton of really cute, cozy neighborhood restaurants, and 2) a lot of them are BYOB. Little Fish was – sweet! We brought a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Turner’s house to share. Also, how cute is this handwritten menu?

We ended up getting a bunch of stuff and sharing it all, which is my favorite way to eat – way more interesting than just getting one dish on your own! We started with the raw oysters – my fave.

And then we got three starters and one main course to share. I was having such a good time that I neglected to photograph most of the dishes, but they were all delicious. My favorite was a sashimi style raw fish with orange, yogurt, cashew, and beet (pictured), and a kale and crab pasta dish with red sauce (not pictured), but everything was amazing.

We were having such a blast that we ordered dessert before looking at our watches and realizing – oops! Time to leave so I can catch my train! Boo. Dessert: canceled, and instead – check, please! Time goes way too quickly when you’re with good friends lingering over a good meal and good wine, doesn’t it? I was sad to say goodbye.

Such a fun day, and well worth the quick trip. Until next time, Philadelphia! I’ll miss you!

I’m working today – I’ve got some behind the scenes work to do and a couple AnneTheRD nutrition counseling client meetings – but I’ll probably be taking most of the rest of the week off for the holidays. I’m planning to pop in with updates, though, so stay tuned!

Have a great day, my friends!

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