Getting After It!

Matt and I made it back to Crossfit Dupont this week! We’d been on a good routine of going about twice per week but then I was at the beach for a couple days and last week we had stuff come up on Monday and Wednesday nights when we usually go so I worked out on my own in the morning instead. It was fun to get back after it on Monday night this week!

(Just a disclaimer reminder — Matt and I are receiving free membership in exchange for sharing our experiences with Crossfit Dupont.)

I busted out my favorite new Reebok outfit for the occasion — they sent me a fun package earlier this month with some new gear from their Crossfit line to try out. I love it!

I’ve already been wearing the tank top around a lot and it’s a new favorite — very comfortable and really lightweight/quick drying — perfect for running outside in the heat, too. And the color of the shorts makes me happy. 🙂

The workout on Monday night was a fun one! We did a partner workout that consisted of 1 minute of tire flips — basically one partner did as many as they could, and then the other took over, etc. until a minute was up. I like tire flips — you feel so hardcore, even though I don’t look it in this photo. 😉

The tire flips were followed by 2 minutes of partner dumbbell thrusters — basically squat down and then thrust a dumbbell into the air above your head. This also followed the approach that one person would go for as long as they could, then the other would take over — repeat, repeat. My partner and I used 15 lb. dumbells.

And last but not least — 3 minutes of resisted running, switching back and forth between partners after each length of the court! I love these — so fun. One partner holds a band around the other partner and the one with the band around them runs as hard as they can, essentially pulling the other person behind them. Great running training!

We did two rounds total of the workout I just described.

The class finished with some weighted back squats — I’m still having shoulder mobility issues so they set me up with a 30 lb. dumbbell doing squats instead. I need to get better about doing the shoulder mobility stretches the coaches showed me — I’ve been bad and haven’t done them much lately because I’ve been so busy.

The other workout of note so far this week was my Lululemon run club last night! It was pretty warm out but the sun was setting over the water near the end of our run and the views were stunning. I’m getting so excited for fall running!

We did a big loop around that ended up coming in just under 6 miles. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my watch or I’d share time/splits! I lost the group I was with in the last mile which I was kind of bummed about — my legs were sore from Crossfit and the front group of runners were pretty speedy last night! I think about 8 mins/mile flat by the end, at least? They were fast!

Off to work. I’m having one of those weeks where I’m feeling like I need at least 5 more hours in each day to get everything done…

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