A Non-Winter Breakfast & UNC Track Workout

Gooooood morning!

So, it’s randomly 70 degrees and super humid this morning in North Carolina. Wtf?! I feel like I’m in Florida! Weirdest winter ever. It was cold yesterday!

I decided the only way to deal with this was to have a smoothie for breakfast 🙂

I made my favorite — a green Banana & Spinach smoothie! Sounds gross, is delicious. Super quick and easy, too 🙂

On the side — a piece of hearty wheat toast topped with almond butter and the other half of my banana (the first half went in the smoothie!):

I think I would eat toast with almond butter and banana for every single meal if I could. Soooo good.

All together now!

I also decided that this weather warranted painted toe nails and flip flops 🙂

Flip flops feel weird because I haven’t worn them in so long!

Before breakfast, I spent some time this morning at my apartment gym on the elliptical with my biochem flash cards (I had a smaller piece of toast with almond butter before leaving home).

Doesn’t that just look like a blast? Sigh. I’m all about the multitasking when busy/trying to study, though, as you know! My test is at 11 a.m. I’m feeling kind of prepared, but not as prepared as I’d like to be. There’s just so much complicated stuff to understand/remember!

I will leave you with some fun photos of my awesome speed workout early yesterday morning with the girls at the UNC track. I think we killed Lauren, haha. (The sweat stain makes this photo even more awesome)

We did the same workout as two weeks ago:

  • Jog 1.5 miles to the track to warm up
  • Run 12 laps around the track (3 miles), broken down as:
    • 6 laps at a fast pace (~6:30 min/mile pace)
    • 6 laps (one in between each fast lap) at a slow jog/ending in a walk to recover
  • Jog 1.5 miles back home (man we were tired!)

As you can see, we did a total of 6 miles! Intense. I’m definitely sore today, but as always foam rolling and icing help 🙂

Time to finish studying, pack lunch, and head off to school! Have a great Wednesday!

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