Weekend Fun + Will Run for Bacon Tank

Hey friends – I hope you had nice weekends! Mine was a combination of productive and relaxing; it’s always nice to start the week off feeling organized and prepared. As I mentioned, Matt was out of town this weekend and so were a lot of my friends, so I used it as an opportunity to catch up on work and life – and to do some relaxing and reading, too!

Saturday was wide open which was kind of amazing – I slept in and was feeling energized and in the mood for a good sweat since last week was super low key on the workout front, so I signed up for Mark’s 10:30 power yoga class at Edge Yoga via ClassPass.

I hadn’t been to that class in AGES – years?! – and it was awesome to be back! His power yoga class is basically a rocket yoga class aka power yoga on crack. It’s hard, energetic, and fun, and there always all sorts of crazy twists, balances, and inversions to try. I definitely couldn’t do everything but I had fun giving it a shot and left in a pool of my own sweat. Also – you know a class is good when 2 of the other people in there are instructors at the studio!

I strolled around a bit with a latte after class catching up on phone calls, then hit the grocery store and holed up at home and spent the rest of the day working! I got a TON done, which was awesome because I’m taking Thursday and Friday off this week due to another trip and needed to get my act together with work before then. I also did a ton of laundry – I was seriously down to my very last sports bra, ha!

And speaking of workout gear – remember my fANNEtastic t-shirt shop?! I first created it in 2009 or 2010 but had kind of forgotten about it until recently. My favorite shirt is my “Will Run for Bacon” cotton tee, but I really wanted it in a technical tank top variation of it for actual running – so I finally made one! I already purchased it myself, and put it in my shop in case you guys are interested too: Will Run for Bacon Tank. Enjoy! 🙂 I can’t wait til mine arrives!

I took a nice break for dinner to throw together one of my old fave salads – greens +  cucumber + green pepper + feta + artichoke hearts + chickpeas + brown rice + some dill and basil from our herb boxes + homemade balsamic vinaigrette. YUM!

I was up super early on Sunday to meet my track buddies for a run date! We met up at 7 a.m. to beat the heat – oof. It’s always a tough call to decide which is more important – extra sleep or less heat!

I was a bit sore from the power yoga insanity on Saturday so this run didn’t feel super easy, but by the end I got into a decent groove and our pace was solid, too. This was technically my first training run for the Marine Corps Marathon – exciting!

8 miles, done! Time to start inching that mileage back up each week!

I had brunch with my mom and grandmother yesterday and then my mom came back to my place to keep me company while I did some recipe testing! We made a red lentil granola bar that I’ll be sharing on the blog soon – delicious! Even my mom liked it and said you couldn’t taste the lentils at all. 🙂

I sliced them up and wrapped them individually for easy grab and go breakfasts and snacks this week – perfect!

After the granola bar adventure, it was back to work! I got a lot more done and tidied up around the house some, too. I broke for another super simple dinner salad creation (similar to the previous one but with quinoa instead of brown rice and with avocado and cabbage added) around 7 before working until 9 when Game of Thrones came on!

Speaking of the Game of Thrones season finale – WOW! How insane was that?!?!? I was texting Matt flipping out basically the entire time. So good! I’m really sad we have to wait ages now until the next season…

As for this morning, it was a really early one – I met my workout partners in crime, Kathleen and Chelsea, for a boot camp class at Definitions in Georgetown via ClassPass! I was too busy sweating to get a picture – it was a tough one today! I love our weekly workout dates – glad they could meet up earlier in the week this week since I’ll be out of town from Wednesday evening on!

As a reward for getting up crazy early and getting in an awesome workout I treated myself to a post-workout latte at Baked and Wired, one of my Georgetown faves (and right next door to the workout studio). Yum!

I’ve got a really busy day today full of calls and meetings… better continue to tackle the email inbox now too. Have a great day my friends!

I will leave you with a quick announcement: fellow Registered Dietitian Lindsay has created an e-book entitled The Ultimate Guide to Food Prep. Lindsay is the queen of food prep and the e-book is a compilation of all of her best tips and tricks for making food prep fast and easy. The e-book is on sale this week for $9.99 – a steal! – and then the price goes up to $14.99 so be sure to grab your copy!


And if you’re interested in more guidance, she’s also offering the e-book with an additional 4-week food prep boot camp! She’s limiting it to the first 10 people to sign up, and it’s only $47, so get on it if you want in!

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