Back on the Run!

You guys – I’m back on the run!!

And by back on the run, I mean I’m back to incorporating some jogging into my walking routine, but this is really exciting because I seriously miss those endorphins!

I wrote a few weeks ago about how pregnancy and running for me have not really been a great combination, and while I’m certainly not going to be busting out long runs anytime soon, the cooler weather (and way lower humidity) we’ve had lately seems to have made a HUGE difference in how I feel out there. Shocker, right? I mean, no one feels good running when it’s 90 thousand degrees and 400% humidity (slight, but only slight, exaggeration).

My sweet spot seems to be no more than 1 to 2 miles of jogging interspersed with some walking – I’ll take what I can get! 🙂 Trails definitely help, too, since they are softer on the body than pavement – I discovered that on Sunday while out hiking with the dogs and adding in some trail jogging.

My friend Sokphal has been really cool about meeting me for jog/walks (or just walks!) instead of runs, which I appreciate so, so much. It’s just really nice being able to still feel like my normal self and meet up for an early outdoor adventure, you know? On Tuesday, we did a 4 mile loop and jogged about half of it and walked the rest. It included Roosevelt Island per my request – love those soft trails!

We had fun chatting, as always, and she had just done a track workout the evening before so this was a perfect recovery/shake out workout for her! 🙂

I’m hoping I can continue to do these jog/walks once or twice a week for at least a little longer, and especially as the weather continues to cool down. It’s amazing what a huge difference running endorphins, even from just a couple miles of jogging, make in terms of my mood and ability to manage stress. I really love my boot camp workouts, yoga classes, and swimming, but they are not quite the same in terms of that runner’s high!

Anyway – I hope you guys are having lovely weather where you are, too, and that you’re getting out to enjoy it! And while we’re on the topic of running and pregnancy, I wanted to share that I am on my friend Heather’s podcast this week! Heather and I have been friends since 2009, and she hosts a great podcast called “RD Real Talk”, where she chats with fellow dietitians. In addition to talking running and pregnancy (we’re both pregnant right now, which is fun – and she also has a puppy so now our previous running dates have turned into “watch our dogs spaz out together while we sit and relax” dates), we also chat about being intuitive eating dietitians in a world of constant dieting, how we got more comfortable incorporating intuitive eating with clients, and share our recommendations for new or soon to be RDs looking to break into social media/blogging. Here’s the podcast on iTunes – I’m on episode 23! Thanks for having me girl!

What’s your favorite thing to do when the weather is nice? Mine is running, of course, or hiking!

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