Weekend Adventures

Hi friends! How were your weekends? Matt and I both kicked it here in DC this weekend, which was lovely. Nice to relax and enjoy a lot of fresh air, because the weather was beautiful!

On Saturday morning, Matt and I got in a fun workout – one of our favorite running boot camp type workouts.

We set out to do a 3-ish mile out and back run, with the plan to stop at mile 1, at mile 1.5 when we turned around, and again at mile 2 for little mini boot camps. We did a boot camp finale at the end, too.

I masterminded the mini boot camps at mile 1 and mile 2, and he did the one at the turnaround (mile 1.5) and our grand finale. Fun to split up the duties and get creative!

My boot camp stops included dips, push ups, handstand walks, planks holds with opposite knee to elbow touches, eagle abs, supermans for lower back strengthening, and lateral leg exercises (leg lifts, etc.).

For Matt’s stops, he had us do high knee tucks, jumping jacks, sprinting in place, and leg throw downs. Fun!

As for the running, we did a super hilly route but aimed to keep the pace speedy. Matt has been playing a ton of soccer lately so he’s fast – and I’m so pumped my track workouts mean I can keep up with him again! I was really proud of our pace, especially given the hills. Yay!

As for the rest of Saturday, I spent it with old friends! My high school BFF Jenny is in town visiting and we went wedding dress shopping with our good friend Lara, who is getting married in July. Gretchen, Jenny’s sister, joined us as well!

It was so fun spending the day with these ladies. Highlights included: getting to go back to Global Bridal Gallery where I got my wedding dress, seeing Lara in all sorts of beautiful gowns, enjoying some baked goods and caffeine at Baked and Wired in Georgetown after visits to Hitched and JCrew, etc. Great day!

On Sunday, Matt and I enjoyed the beautiful weather! After sleeping in and relaxing with some coffee, we headed out to play a little tennis. Matt is getting good! It’s been really fun to play together now that the weather has gotten so lovely.

Tennis was followed by lunch at Sweetgreen, obviously. 🙂

We got some stuff done around the house and did some errands the rest of the day, and I spent last night at a Haunted House (Shocktober’s Paxton Manor) with my friend Ashley. It was awesome (and for a good cause – all proceeds go to Paxton Campus, a Loudoun nonprofit that helps children and adults with disabilities) – definitely recommend it! I’m now even more excited for Halloween. 🙂

The weather is amazing today, too – it’s making it hard to focus on work, as I’m sure it is for all of you, too, but I better get back after it. I’ll sneak in a walking break a little later! Have a great day!

Are you a haunted house fan? What’s the best one you’ve been to? My other fave in the DC area is Markoff’s Haunted Forest!

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