Running Shoes & Verizon Palm Pre Plus Review

Hey all!

It’s BEAUTIFUL today in D.C. and I got in a great 3 mile training run this morning. I did 3 crazy hilly miles in 25:48, for an average pace of 8:36.


Mile 1: 9:00 (steep hills of death)

Mile 2: 8:18 (smaller hills + some downhill)

Mile 3: 8:30 (long, gradual hill of death)

My neighborhood seriously resembles a blanket being shaken out. I can’t decide which is worse — crazy steep and short hills, or crazy long and gradual hills. Thoughts? This run involved both!

In other news, I REALLY need new running shoes. I finally just ordered some new ones this morning.

I wear the Brooks “Adrenaline” running shoes, and thanks to the blog I know that I last bought a new pair in January. Normally I wait 6 months before I get new shoes, but they just feel SO dead after running in all the ice, snow, etc. this winter!

I know I need new shoes when my shins start to hurt!

I also wear inserts in my shoes —  these also help with any lurking shin splint issues. I wear the Lynco Sports Orthotics, style L400. They provide nice stabilizing arch support. You just pop out the normal inserts in the running shoes and put these in instead.

I buy a new pair of inserts every OTHER time I get new shoes. If you think you might need inserts, too, try going to a foot specialist store and talking to them about it. That’s what I did 🙂

How often do you buy new running shoes? Do you wear inserts?

Cell Phone Review:

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about whether I like my new cell phone (how did I ever live without internet on my phone!??!) — the Verizon Palm Pre Plus — so I thought I’d do a quick review of it here on the blog 🙂

I know not all of you are interested in this, so I created a separate pageclick here to see my full review of the Verizon Palm Pre Plus!

Have a great day, everyone!

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