This Week’s Workouts + An Easy Breakfast

Hi friends! Happy hump day. I hope your weeks are going well! Mine has been busy – I was traveling yesterday (you can see what I was up to on Instagram – I’ll share a recap soon) so today is spent playing catch up.

Going back to earlier this week, I kicked off my week on Monday morning with an a.m. run with my friend Kathleen. 🙂

It was so good to see her! We’ve both been traveling a ton for work lately so I hadn’t seen her in way too long. Loved catching up.

We met up at 7 a.m. over at her place near H Street – so nice that it’s light out at 7 a.m. again now! We decided to do a loop around the Capitol, down the mall and around the Washington Monument. No idea what this large line was for…

Since I know you guys read my blog for updates on the construction status of the buildings around DC, here is the latest – the Capitol is under construction with some lovely scaffolding blocking its beauty. Bummer!

I guess they figured since the Washington Monument was finally unsheathed, they needed something else to work on…

We ended up covering a chatty 5.25 miles. I felt pretty sluggish for the first half but got into my groove midway through the run. Great way to start the week!

As for yesterday, I enjoyed a nice rest day! I was due for one and I was traveling anyway so it worked out well. Extra sleep FTW! I got home late last night from my trip and was still pretty tired this morning so I kept things chill with a nice 30 minute swim. I <3 swimming – it always makes my body feel so good.

I had a big piece of toast with lots of nut butter and pumpkin butter before the swim; I wasn’t super hungry after so I nixed my original egg sandwich plan and instead enjoyed two fried eggs with arugula and avocado to refuel. Plus an unpictured whole milk latte (we have a Nespresso machine, which is the greatest thing ever), my fave.

Hit the spot!

Now it’s time for lunch, then back to work! Today is busy – lots of AnneTheRD calls and emails to tackle. Have a happy day, my friends!

Totally random and unrelated, but I need a new fun show to watch because I just finished plowing my way through Friday Night Lights (soooo good) – any ideas? I don’t watch much TV but I like having one show to watch my way through when I need breaks in the evening. We don’t have cable so it needs to be on Netflix. Shows I have enjoyed recently to give you an idea of what I like/have already seen: Breaking Bad, Homeland, Orange is the New Black, The Americans, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars (yes, I realize half of these make me look like a 16 year old, it’s fine), etc. Thoughts? What TV shows are you loving lately? I’m up for newer shows or old ones!

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