Reebok Adventures Finale: Lunch & Running

Good evening! First things first – what are you making on Thursday for Thanksgiving? Need some ideas? If so, check out this post I wrote last year: 10 Healthy and Easy Thanksgiving Recipes.

And now, back to finishing up my Reebok adventure recaps! Check out the previous recaps first if you missed them:

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You know what I appreciate? When healthy lunch options are offered when you travel. Reebok was all over it – all sorts of salad and veggies, plus chicken, salmon, shrimp, and steak to top it with (I had a little of each – buried underneath the toppings), plus roasted sweet potatoes cut in quarters. So awesome.

While eating lunch, we got to hear about (and see!) some of the awesome new products Reebok has coming down the pipeline in 2013. Lots of fun colors and they are expanding into some new areas of fitness, too. Stay tuned!

Following lunch (after which we also got some awesome flour free coconut/almond cookies), we had the opportunity to participate in a focus group with the Reebok team, sharing what we liked and didn’t like about their products. My main recommendations are ones I’d give to other brands, too:

  1. No more of those stupid pad inserts in sports bras. In small size bras, just sew them in! They fall out in the washer and drive me INSANE. A ton of the other smaller-chested ladies agreed with this one. Anyone else?!
  2. More thumb holes on jackets, and pockets with zippers.
  3. Loving the bright colors!
  4. Write the exact full name of the shoe somewhere in the shoe – I hate when I find a shoe I love but then can’t remember exactly what the name/model was (and therefore can’t find it again, since companies have so many variations of each line)!

After chatting, we had one last adventure on deck – a run with Patrick Joyce, who is Reebok’s Senior Manager of Running Sports Marketing.

After sitting for a couple hours, all of us were starting to fade and getting out and moving was just what we needed! Patrick was really cool, too, and led us in a fun workout. As he said – the key is to keep running engaging! I would agree. 🙂

After doing a 1 mile lap around Reebok’s campus…

It was time for the fun. Those of you who were on sports teams back in the day will remember this – you all run in a line, and the person in back sprints up to the front. When they get there, they yell “GO!” and the next person in back runs up, etc. etc.

It’s such a sneaky and more fun way to do sprints because everyone is cheering each other on and having a good time with it.

Whew! We did a cool down lap around the track after our mile of sprints.

Hi Tina and Julie!

The whole group with our fearless leader:

(Top row: Ericka, Patrick, Julie, Jeremy; Bottom row: Heather, me, Jess, Tina, Bonnie, Lala)

Thanks again to Reebok for such a fun opportunity! Not only was it great to work (and work out) with Reebok again, but it was wonderful to meet some awesome new bloggers, too. I always come home from events like this with renewed energy for blogging and a lot of great new ideas, too!

(Disclaimer – Reebok covered our travel costs to and from Boston and our hotel on Thursday night, but I wasn’t compensated for my participation in the event or these recap posts.)

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