Wedding Festivities

Good morning!

I’m back in Chapel Hill after a wonderful weekend up in DC for our friends Tom & Janice’s wedding!

Way to awkwardly close your eyes in my only photo of you two, Tom.

For the most part, I was too busy dancing up a storm and socializing to take photos, but I did get a few of friends and the food. 🙂 Here’s my new dress that I bought on Thursday for the occasion — as I said before, all my wedding appropriate dresses are about 8 years old now and considering I was going to see a bazillion friends I wanted something newer. 🙂 I loved the color of this dress and the pretty ruffled/flowery strap! It’s from Macy’s.

Here I am with friends Megan and Sarah:

A bunch of the wedding party (we were seated at the head table since Matt was the best man):

With my friend Kristen:

And now for the food! I loved this salad — you can’t tell in the photo, but the lettuce leaves were all wrapped up in a sliver of cucumber! Very cute.

Steak! With roasted potatoes (hidden behind the steak) and that fun tower of veggies on the right — this was actually delicious. I was impressed — wedding food isn’t exactly the best usually!

No pictures of the cake because I was WAY too busy getting my dance party on by the time that happened. 🙂 I would be a terrible wedding photographer.

Yesterday was also fun — I went for a run (and was reminded how much running sucks when you’ve been out late dancing), and then met my mom and my grandmother for brunch! My grandmother was very excited to see the ring and the three of us had fun talking about their weddings. 🙂 Apparently my parents had their rehearsal dinner on a boat — so cool! I had no idea they’d done that.

Before I headed out of town I also met up with my high school BFF Jenny (who now goes by Jen, but she is always Jenny to me!) for some tea and a walking date.





I asked her to be my matron of honor and she was super excited. 🙂 She LOVES weddings and is even more excited than I am to start the planning! We’ve been best friends ever since we both moved to Falls Church, VA in 10th grade and met at the bus stop on the first day of school. It’s kind of insane to think we were only 14 years old?!? Weird! I <3 you, Jenny!

I’m off to school — as per usual, time to hit the ground running! I will be paying for my lack of school work time over the weekend — we have another take home exam, a biochem quiz, two big assignments, AND a group presentation this week, plus I have a bunch of freelance blog stuff going on too. Gah!

Have a good one! 🙂

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