I’m a Marathoner!

I can hardly believe it, but: I’m officially a marathoner! My first marathon was soggy, wet, and of course challenging, but overall, it was completely awesome.

I spent most of yesterday weirdly wanting to do it all over again… well, maybe just wanting to cross that finish line again, you know, without that whole running 26.2 miles again beforehand. I’m insanely sore now, but overall feeling good and happy to report that all my toenails even survived to tell the tale! (Weird things runners say…)

I’m working on writing up a race recap that does the experience justice, so stay tuned. Until then, if you haven’t already, checked out my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages to see some of the play by play updates. Spoiler alert: I hit my goal of breaking 4 hours! 🙂

THANK YOU again so, so much for all your support this weekend. You are my inspiration!

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