Fitbloggin’ Highlights – Day 1!

Good morning!

I’m still having a great time getting my workout and learn on here at Fitbloggin’!

Some of the highlights of the conference so far:

1) A trampoline fitness class with the Jump Sport Trampolines peeps.

SO fun and an awesome workout, too! Check out how much air Nicole got 🙂

2) A resistance band workout class from Cathe Friedrich:

3) Taking this awesome photo at the Popchips stand with Heather and Theodora:

4) Representing Stonyfield and getting to be the popular kid passing out free yogurt coupons and fun spatulas/recipe books:

5) This AMAZING Poken thing that they gave us all when we arrived — it’s preloaded with your information (name, photo, blog, twitter contact, etc.), and when you meet someone you want to keep in touch with, you “high four” each other and this little guy magically transfers your information! Later, you plug it into the computer and everyone’s info pops up, including the time when you met them! SO helpful!

It’s like an environmentally friendly business card 🙂 I wish everyone had one of these!

6) A cocktail social last night — catching up with blogger friends and meeting new ones is the best part of coming to conferences like this!

(Photo courtesy of Tina!)

Here I am with my roomies for the weekend — Julie and Nicole!

And with Gretchen!

And Gracie, Gabriela, and Theodora!

7) A post-cocktail dinner outing with 11 other blog friends!

We went to Moe’s Seafood — the company was amazing but unfortunately the food was not!

I got crab cakes, and while they were tasty, they had a ton of filler (and not much lump crab) and some shells, too. Lame!  

Time to get back to the conference — it’s super nice out so a bunch of us are going to play hooky and go take a walk before lunch and more sessions this afternoon. 🙂

Have a great day!

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