Dickinson College 15 Year Reunion Alumni Weekend

Matt and I spent the weekend at my undergraduate alma mater, Dickinson College, for my 15 year (!) reunion!

Wow, time flies. It was great to see friends and the beautiful green campus again! (Last time I was back I think was my 10 year reunion, so it had been awhile!)

Matt and I left DC on Saturday morning, leaving Riese with my parents, and headed straight to the Dickinson College Farm for a fun farm to table lunch that was part of the alumni weekend festivities. 

The Dickinson College farm didn’t exist when I was in school there – I’m not sure when it was started, but it has since grown to an 80-acre certified organic farm. Very cool!

Food from the farm goes a bunch of different places: to the college dining hall, to a CSA, to a weekly farmers’ market in town, and to a local food bank. Students can attend classes and also participate in work-study programs at the farm. 

We arrived a little early (who are we?!) and gave ourselves a tour of the farm while waiting for the lunch festivities to begin. 

I thought this vertical herb box system they had set up was smart – must use less water since it can trickle down to the lower plants!

As for lunch, it was awesome: fresh salad (complete with farm-made green vinaigrette – I tried to buy some but sadly by the time I did it had sold out!) and wood-fired seasonal produce pizzas. 


We lucked out with great weather – it was perfect in the shade!

Went back for more pizza. 🙂 And the locally brewed ginger beer and root beer were really good, too!

Hanging out with Matt and my friend Turner:

After catching up with friends at the farm, we headed to campus, with a quick pit stop to drop bags and cars at our hotel and to grab some caffeine. 🙂 

There are a ton of cool new coffee shops in town (Carlisle) now!

We spent the rest of the day mingling with fellow alumni on the main quad, where there was an official class of 2004 social going on. 

We found our friend Kris, as well as a bunch of other friends that I didn’t manage to get photos with because I was too busy relaxing and enjoying!

After the beer drinking fun on the quad, a big group of us headed to dinner at Market Cross, a pub nearby that we used to frequent back in the day for pint night. Their food isn’t the most amazing ever but the nostalgia factor is strong. 🙂

We were able to snag a table outside which was awesome because it was perfect out, and I had the bison burger and fries, which hit the spot. 

After Market Cross, we headed to a cool new spot in town – Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. 

They have a great outdoor area where we snagged a big table next to some fellow alumni and continued the festivities. 

We ended the evening at the Gingerbread Man, which is the main bar in town where everyone used to go back in the day. We got there around 10:30 just as things were ramping up, and Matt and I made it until about midnight before deciding to call it. Apparently the new big thing at the bar is they have jello shots – clearly we had to partake. 😉 

On Sunday morning Matt and I couldn’t really sleep in (fail – our body clocks are so used to early mornings now), so we decided a jog might be helpful to sweat things out a bit. 

I brought a banana and an RX nut butter packet from home for us to share pre-run, since I figured we’d want to do this and would need some fuel! 

And then we set out for a casual jaunt around campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

We were surprised to find it was quite cool out, and it felt good to get the blood pumping a bit!

We probably jogged about 2 or 2.5 miles which felt just right, and then we headed, sweaty, straight to Fay’s Country Kitchen to meet a group of friends for breakfast. 

I went for the bacon, cheddar, and veggie omelette with home fries and some fruit – hit the spot.

After breakfast and getting cleaned up and checked out of the hotel, we met back up with Kris and a few others for some wandering around campus – we wanted to go see our old dorm and some of the recent changes made to campus.

Plus, Matt and I wanted to hit the bookstore to buy something cute for Riese. 🙂 

Before leaving town, we grabbed a light lunch back at Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. 

Everyone was craving greens – salads all around! 

We arrived back in DC around 4, excited to see our little one. 🙂 

Such a fun trip – it went by way too quickly! Until next time, Dickinson… thanks for the great weekend and the lovely weather!

Do you attend your school reunions? I went to my high school 10 year reunion, and have done the 10 and 15 years at Dickinson! I missed the 5 year since I was at a wedding, but a TON of classmates went to that one. This year attendance was definitely a little lighter!

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