Track Workouts and Lateral Leg Step Ups

Hey friends! Thanks for your great comments on yesterday’s post about why the low fat and cholesterol craze was a huge fail. Glad you enjoyed it!

In other news, will it ever stop raining in DC? It’s been so soggy and gray here lately! Do not like…

Thankfully the rain held off until after Tuesday morning’s track workout, though. 🙂 Our coaches had us do 1200’s (3 laps) – with the first 2 laps at threshold pace and the last lap a bit faster. It was a tough but good one, and I felt strong and energized out there! Made it through 4 of them, plus jogging in between the sets and a warm up and cool down (not shown on watch).

Link to gear –> Garmin watch 

I enjoyed a rest day yesterday, and this morning’s workout was another Urban Athletic Club class via ClassPass (<—$20 off affiliate link) with Chelsea and Kathleen! It was a TOUGH one today – lots of lower body and lateral work. The hardest move was this weighted lateral box step up with a knee raise at the top. Really good for strengthening those hips for running – and for working on balance!

In the photos I’m rocking a new tank top (the Pick Up Tank) gifted to me by Brooks – LOVE how long it is, and that it stayed put even during burpees! Might have to pick it up in another color. 😉

I was really hungry and in the mood for something savory when I got home after this morning’s workout so I whipped up an old fave: avocado toast with microwave-wilted spinach, two runny yolk fried eggs, and some sauerkraut (see also: why you should start eating sauerkraut). The sauerkraut has grated beets in addition to cabbage in case you’re wondering why it’s red!

Delicious and satisfying!

I will leave you with my view across the table during breakfast. Lol! I know, I know, we should keep her off the table. But how adorable is she?! 😉 (She’s not allowed on our dining room table, but we’re lax with the breakfast table because she loves bird watching from the windows above it!)

Would you like a side of cat hair with that breakfast? No?! I’m shocked. 😉

If you have a cat, is he/she allowed on the tables? If not, how do you keep them off? We keep Zara off the dining room table with a water spray bottle. She never goes on it while we’re home anymore but half the time when I come home I can see her sitting on it through the window… sigh.

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