Surf and Sand: Part 2

When we left off in part 1 of my typical day at our beach week recap (read that first if you missed it), we had just arrived at happy hour!

Happy hour on the beach is the BEST, so many of the nights we were in the Outer Banks we walked back down to the beach for snacks + drinks around 4:30 or 5 o’clock. 

Long time readers will remember that Matt’s dad does not mess around with his appetizer spreads, and the beach was no exception! We had some serious feasts.

Oysters + the beach = perfection. 

For dinners, we cooked at the house every night with the exception of one night when we ordered pizza (and had it with some homemade salad – I went hard on the appetizers that night so I wasn’t too hungry and just had the one slice)!

We had some really delicious home cooked meals last week – I’m missing them already! It was so nice to share cooking and dish washing duties… 🙂

Lots of fish was involved. One night we had fish tacos with a yummy homemade slaw and a homemade cilantro lime yogurt sauce:

Another night we had locally purchased tomato pie with grilled tuna, rice, a green bean, feta, tomato, and olive salad (dressed with a little oil and vinegar), and roasted broccoli and roasted cauliflower. 

Another night we had a delicious grilled salmon with mango salad, a homemade cucumber and onion dill salad, and pan fried okra with corn on the cob and some homemade bread Matt’s dad brought:

More grilled tuna, corn, and salad with pearled couscous!

We also had peanut pasta (see the “creamy peanut sauce” in my mix and match pasta post for a similar recipe), grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, and salad one night when we needed a break from fish:

And Matt and I made my Greek Lamb Burgers one night, too.

These burgers are one of my favorite blog recipes – the ground meat (you could use turkey or beef if you’d rather) is mixed with chopped spinach, sun dried tomatoes, olives, and feta for a super savory and flavorful combo. 

The sauce on the burgers is a cucumber, lemon, and garlic Greek yogurt sauce – it’s so good and super easy to make. We didn’t have a blender/food processor so we just chopped the cucumber really small and it worked beautifully too!

Served with a Greek salad to keep the theme going.

After dinner, Matt or I would get Riese to bed and then we’d all relax. I usually didn’t last long after Riese went down because we had such full days I was wiped! 

I did walk back down to the beach a couple of the nights to see the sunset, though – gorgeous. Water + sunset is my favorite combo. 

The next day we’d be up to do it all over again. We could see the sunrise from our bedroom balcony – so pretty. 

Such a treat of a week. It went by too quickly as it always does but I’m so glad we got to go! 

I’ll be back on Friday with an easy new recipe. Stay tuned – I hope you are all having a nice week!

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