Track Tuesday & Triangle Area Blogger Wine Tasting Meetup!

Good morning, friends!

I made it back to the track yesterday morning for a great workout — Tobacco Road Half Marathon training continues! I can’t believe the race is only a few weeks away.

I convinced Elle to join me for the early morning workout. We were pleased to see that the sun was already up to join us when we arrived!

Beautiful, clear morning — although the track was still wet from all the rain on Monday.

Elle and I did one of our standard workouts:

  • 1 warm up lap
  • 6 laps of sprint the straights, jog the curves
  • 1 cool down lap

For a total of 2 miles. In between each lap, we stopped and did some sort of boot camp/HIIT move, like pushups, jumping squats, side lunges, dips, sit ups, etc! I love doing this — really amps up the workout and also gives a nice break from the sprinting. 😉

After the early morning workout, I spent the day yesterday at school, either in class or studying madly because we have not one but two big exams tomorrow. Bah!

I dragged myself away from the books last night for a special occasion — a Triangle area blogger meet up at The Wine Feed in Raleigh!

Cristina, a Raleigh blogger, started up this group awhile ago and they’ve had a few outings since, but last night’s was the first I was able to make it to! We had such a great group — everyone was really friendly and fun, and all the girls write very different sorts of blogs which was cool, too.

Ladies in Attendance:

  • Cristina: Scintillating Simplicity
  • Sara: Watermelon Roses
  • Linnie: Linnie at Large
  • Heather: Capital H Creative
  • Elle: Nutritionella
  • Katherine: Carolina Gypsy (unpictured because she had to sneak out early)
  • Rachael: no blog (YET!) 🙂

Oh, and we decided we’re bringing this back:

Lol. Don’t ask. 😉

We had a blast tasting a nice variety of wines at The Wine Feed, which is an online retailer that offers a limited selection of wines from smaller, lesser known producers. Their wine offerings are constantly changing, and they offer tastings on-site for groups. They also offer free local deliveries via bicycle, which I find awesome.

I took notes as we tasted, like a good little blogger.

Although I liked Elle’s notes better — please note “yumtastic.”

My favorite wine of the night was this bubbly Mas Fi Cava from Spain. It tasted a lot like prosecco or a fruitier, smoother champagne — and was only $14, so I bought a bottle to take home. 🙂

But this wine — Honoro Vera’s Garnacha from Spain as well, won for coolest bottle. I’m a sucker for packaging. It was even sparkly!

Thanks to the other ladies and to The Wine Feed for a nice study break!

If you’re a local Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area blogger and want to join for the next social event, check out Cristina’s blog page all about the Triangle Area Blog Group. We’d love to have more people join in on the fun! 🙂

Time to get down to some serious studying over here — happy Wednesday!

What’s your favorite wine? I’m loving Pinot Noirs lately — so smooth.

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