Pittsburgh Wedding Weekend Recap

Hey guys! I feel like I start every Monday post with “Matt and I are back in town after…” lately – so much travel! As you guys know, this past weekend we were in Pittsburgh area with Matt’s family for a wedding. The bride was Matt’s best friend from high school’s younger sister, who is also a friend of ours. Their family and Matt’s family go way back – they even spend our Outer Banks beach week with us every summer. It was fun to get everyone back together again so soon after the beach in July!

Matt and I arrived in Pittsburgh (well, actually in Sewickley, PA, which is about 30 minutes outside Pittsburgh) really late on Thursday night after making the drive from DC after work. The rest of the family was out and about on Friday and Matt and I stayed back to work. I finished up shortly before noon so I decided to treat myself to a lunchtime yoga class at my local favorite – Salt Power Yoga in Sewickley. I came here once before over Thanksgiving and loved it – fun to be back!

It’s normally a hot power yoga studio (kind of like a local Core Power Yoga) but the class I went to was a “warm slow flow” – it was super calming and you held the poses for longer. I really enjoyed it!

Post-yoga lunch was a ginormous salad (plus some unpictured crackers) back at Matt’s parent’s house. I found all sorts of fun stuff in their fridge to put on the salad – cilantro, cucumbers, peppers, grilled chicken, slivered almonds, avocado, and strawberries! I love strawberries on salad – anyone else? (See also: my Strawberry and Fennel Barley Salad recipe!)

The weather was pretty crummy in Pittsburgh this weekend (stormy and REALLY steamy/humid) so we all spent the rest of the day chilling and watching some of the Olympics. It was actually really nice – we were all saying we never just sit around and relax/watch TV anymore! Fun to play with our nephews, too.

On Friday night, we had a special celebration: a birthday party! It was my sister-in-law Jess’s birthday on Saturday. Fun to all be together to celebrate it!

In the Mauney household when it’s your birthday you get to choose the dinner selection. Jess requested surf and turf – fun! Matt’s dad grilled up some steak and shrimp for the occasion.

Plus a loaded baked potato bar – delicious. We also had unpictured caesar salads to start!

Plus cake and ice cream for dessert, of course. 🙂

On Saturday morning we slept in and then Matt and I headed out for a run. It was nice to not worry about getting in my long run for the week since I already had!

Matt and I had some new threads and kicks to test out for the occasion thanks to my friends at Brooks! This month as part of my Run Happy Blogger Ambassadorship they were focusing on our support systems – in the form of 1) sports bras and 2) outfitting our significant others! I was able to choose two sports bras to try – I requested another of my absolute favorite, the UpRise Crossback, in a new color (I have like 4 of them now – THE best! no chafing even on really long hot runs), plus one of their brand new Frontrunner Racer sports bras. The new one is on top – and I absolutely loved it! SUPER comfortable, has built in contoured cups (not the dumb removable ones that fall out in the wash, yay!!), seamless, and I loved the deep V neck too – very flattering cut! Highly recommend – I think I’m going to purchase myself another one in a different color!

As for Matt, he was able to choose a bottom, top, and a new pair of shoes to enjoy – such a treat! Thank you Brooks!!

For shoes, Matt went with the Launch 3 – he loved how lightweight and versatile they are. I’m a big fan of the Launch too for the same reasons – super lightweight but cushy at the same time. I was also rocking my Launches for the run. 🙂 Love them for mid distance runs!

For the bottom, Matt chose the Sherpa 7” shorts, which he was also a huge fan of – said they were really comfortable. No chafing! He really liked the built in spandex shorts with a pocket big enough for his phone, too!

As for his top, he wasn’t wearing it on our run because it’s long sleeved and it was absurdly humid/hot out, but he requested another of his old favorite Dash 1/2 Zip – I’ve bought him these in the past as gifts and he LOVES them and gets a ton of use out of them, so he was excited to get another! He went for neon yellow this time – good for soccer, he said. 🙂

As for the run, it was craaaaaazy humid but I felt relatively decent and we had fun taking in the sights and running somewhere different.

Since it was so hot (but thankfully cloudy for most of the run until the very end), we took it nice and casual on pace. 6 miles – done!

We ended our run by the main street area of Sewickley and hit up Salud Juicery for some fresh juice (and lots of cold water)!

We also swung by Adesso Café so I could get an iced latte. 🙂 Once we got home, I made a salad like I had the day before – but with leftover shrimp! Yummy.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and then got all dolled up for the wedding!

The wedding was at the Edgeworth Club in Sewickley. Beautiful!

Fun to see so many of our friends at the wedding – here we are with Tom and Janice, the brother and sister-in-law of the bride.

I totally dropped the ball on getting photos of the bride and groom, but they looked great – and so happy. 🙂 I did get a photo of the food, though, which was phenomenal – among the best wedding food I’ve had! It was a buffet and I snagged some salmon with peach salsa, brown rice, roasted rosemary potatoes, veggies, and the most delicious roasted brussels sprouts. So good!

A big congratulations to Sarah and Thompson – wishing you a life together that is as fun and special as your wedding day. <3

As for Sunday, we had a low key morning with the family before hitting the road back to DC. I will leave you with a picture of breakfast – delicious!

Hope you guys had great weekends, too! Anyone else struggle through a hot run this weekend?

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