Weekend Highlights

Hey friends! Did anyone else feel like this weekend FLEW by? I can’t believe it’s Monday already. We had a fun and busy weekend, though, so I can’t complain – I hope you did too! Here are some of the highlights. 🙂 Also – still looking for holiday gift ideas? In case you missed it: check out my gift guide for runners, foodies, and fitness fans!

1) A wintery hike.

On Saturday afternoon, Matt and I went hiking with a bunch of friends. It was quite cold but refreshing out – not bad at all once you were moving!

We hit up Potomac Overlook Regional Park, which has a bunch of nice trails right along the water. Lots of fun rock scrambling over streams, too – our favorite!

Me and my gentleman hiking companions:

The hike was also a nice opportunity to test out these compression foot/ankle sleeves that I was sent to check out for a sponsored review. The sleeves are made for runners and other athletes that need a bit more ankle, arch, or heel support. For those of you struggling with plantar fasciitis, these are especially helpful for that! You slip them on your bare feet and they are lightweight enough to wear under your normal socks. I like that your toes are out and don’t get smushed or overheated! They are also made from moisture-wicking, anti-odor fabric.

I (knock on wood) haven’t had any issues with plantar fasciitis, but on my recent running giveaway blog post a bunch of you commented that you were struggling with it so I knew this would be a relevant product to share! The sleeves, made by family-owned new business Webb Compression, are made to increase blood flow, reduce muscle soreness, and relieve foot pain. You can wear them before, during, or after exercise. Both Matt and I had a pair on during our hike and we found them very comfortable – you forgot they were on!

I was especially interested in trying out the sleeves to help with my ankles while hiking – do you guys remember when I twisted my ankle about a year ago? Well, ever since that it tends to tweak very easily while hiking, especially on the rocky/scramble type hikes that we do most often. The last time we went hiking I tweaked my ankle a TON and was thinking it would make sense to start hiking with some sort of a brace, but I didn’t want anything too intense that would limit mobility. These were the perfect solution! They aren’t going to stop you from full on twisting an ankle since they aren’t rigid, but the compression was just the right amount of support so I didn’t constantly tweak my ankle. Hooray! I’ll definitely be wearing these on future hikes.

If you’d like to try the sleeves out, use the code SLEEVE20 for 20% off the compression sleeves on Amazon until 12/31 (they are also on sale right now on top of that, so act fast). These would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite runner/athlete – or a nice gift to yourself to support your new year fitness goals. 🙂

2) Dinner out with friends on Saturday!

Matt and I hit up Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown on Saturday with friends Kathleen and Zach and Sarah and Jochem. So fun to catch up with them over salads, pizza, and wine/beer!

3) Exploring Union Market on Sunday.

Matt and I did a Christmas-related errand and some shopping at Union Market in DC on Sunday before enjoying brunch at Bidwell with friends Matt and Christine. Delish!

4) Saturday morning yoga.

My favorite way to start the weekend! I love Nikki’s Saturday class at Edge Yoga in Arlington.

5) Oatmeal.

With the cold weather I was all about the oatmeal this weekend. I had it both days for breakfast – my microwave banana oatmeal topped with cottage cheese, berries, and varies nut/seed combinations. Always hits the spot!

6) Running the Christmas tree lights!

I closed the weekend last night with my second annual Christmas tree light run with my friend Sokphal! It’s basically the one time per year that she can get me out for an evening run. 😉 Stay tuned – I took a billion photos so this adventure will get its own dedicated post, coming at you tomorrow! So cold but so fun. 🙂

Stay warm and dry out there today, friends, and have a nice Monday!

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