An Easter Brunch Feast & A Daffodil Run!

Good morning!

I’m back in Chapel Hill feeling refreshed after my nice relaxing weekend in Pittsburgh. It was SO worth it to spend all last week busting my butt so I could take the weekend off from homework! Only 1.5 weeks until I’m done with my first YEAR of grad school. Bring it, finals!

I hope you all had a nice (Easter, if you celebrate it) weekend! We had quite the brunch feast at Matt’s parent’s house yesterday. To rev up our hunger, Matt and I went on a nice 5.5 mile run around his hilly neighborhood beforehand!

We took a break at the midway point to admire this huge field of beautiful daffodils 🙂

Aren’t they pretty? It was cool and a little rainy yesterday in Pittsburgh so they had pretty raindrops all over them 🙂


Heh. Photos courtesy of Matt’s Droid phone 🙂

It was a great run and we returned home ready to EAT!

Hello, beautiful:

Mmmmm. Matt’s dad has done culinary training courses and is really into cooking and food presentation. Case in point — this beautiful grilled pineapple! (And our Thanksgiving feast — remember that?!)

On the menu for brunch yesterday was: Roasted Vegetable Quiche with Aged Gouda:

Delicious. He roasted the vegetables first before adding them in so they were nice and soft! And dare I say I’m starting to like caramelized onions?!


Broiled Tomatoes stuffed with spinach, swiss chard, and bacon, topped with shaved parmesan cheese:

Major yum. I loved all the spinach and swiss chard stuffed inside!

French Toast Casserole with real maple syrup:


This was to DIE for. It tasted like a combination of a Cinnabon and French toast! Ahhhh


And finally, Brown Sugar and Peppercorn Crusted Bacon:

Peppercorn makes everything (savory) more delicious, I’ve decided. Must recreate this!

I forgot to get a photo of my plate because I was too busy digging in, but I enjoyed some of everything 🙂 After a bit of relaxation, we came back for the grand finale dessert — super Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Whew. What a delicious way to end the weekend! I’m bummed the weekend went by so quickly — we had such a nice time biking, running, and, of course, eating! 🙂 Matt sent me a few more photos that he got on his phone from our bike ride on Saturday, so I thought I would share:  

















Yay 🙂 We went to REI on Friday and I found that green biking shirt on clearance! I was excited to try it out — I don’t own any other biking shirts. They have these fun little pockets in the back so you can carry things like fuel and cameras:

Anyway! I flew back to Chapel Hill last night and fell right into bed so I could get up early this morning and swim before my busy day. Matt was sweet enough to pack me a sandwich for dinner on the plane. He makes the best sandwiches 🙂

Time to get back to business! We have two papers due and a presentation to give today. I’m rocking some major goggle and swim cap lines at the moment — here’s hoping they are gone by my presentation this afternoon 😉

Stonyfield Giveaway Winner














Thank you to all that entered my Stonyfield giveaway! The winner is commenter #56, Alex:

Congrats, Alex! Please email me your full name and mailing address to anne @

Have a good one, friends!

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