World Domination via Tuna Salad

Good afternoon, friends!

In between studying and cleaning (to avoid studying) this morning, I paid a visit to my old friend — the C&O Canal Trail!

To mix things up, I headed south on the trail towards DC (specifically Georgetown) instead of heading north up towards MD.

This part of the trail connects to the Capital Crescent Trail, another great DC trail. It’s paved (unlike the C&O Canal which is dirt) which I don’t like as much for running, but is also a lot shadier, so I hopped over on it instead 🙂

It was purdy 🙂 Although still craaaaaaazy hot!

I love that in DC you can be SO close to the city… but it still looks like this:

I spy the Washington Monument!

What a great break in the day! I did 5.5 miles of running/walking/stopping to take pictures in a little over an hour. I was a hot sweaty mess afterward, to say the least. Gotta love summer running.

For lunch today I brought back an old friend — my Tuna Salad with a Healthy Twist!

I figured it only made sense, considering this recipe was just featured in a Woman’s Day article: 10 Better for You Comfort Food Recipes! Exciting!

I’m all out of celery, broccoli slaw, and feta (I know! For shame), so I added some green pepper and arugula to the creation instead. Still delish 🙂

I enjoyed my sandwich with a side of leftover green beans (loveeeeeeeeeeee):

And another favorite: nonfat plain Greek yogurt (organic, of course!) topped with a chopped peach:





Yum! And now, it’s back to BioChem I go!

Have a good one 🙂

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