Track Tuesday + Quick Dinner


I made one of my favorite easy dinners last night. Have you guys tried this yet? It’s so good and there are a ton of variations you can do! Just take some raw chicken breasts (tofu or a white fish would work too!), toss them in a cooking oil-sprayed pan, and cover them with some tomato sauce. (I usually use Muir Glen’s organic garlic/basil diced tomatoes.) Then, toss in some veggies on top (tougher veggies that are okay to be steamed for awhile) – last night I threw in some kale and artichoke hearts. Olives or capers are a good addition in this dish too, as are potatoes! For veggies that don’t take as long to cook, add them later.

Throw a lid on and steam over medium ish heat until the chicken is fully cooked. Usually about 10 or 15 minutes. You can flip the chicken over/stir it around halfway through if you want, or just leave it.

And that’s it! This is great atop rice, pasta, or quinoa, with potatoes, or just on its own!

Last night we had it with some roasted brussels sprouts (here’s how to make brussels sprouts delicious) and sweet potatoes. I roasted them at 425 for 25 minutes, stirring once. Aren’t the crinkle cut sweet potatoes fun? I found them at Safeway in the fresh, not frozen, bagged veggies area – the only ingredient was sweet potatoes. Perfect! Food that’s cut into fun shapes tastes better, obviously.

We have some leftovers which will be nice for an easy lunch or dinner later this week!

On the fitness front, I was super tired yesterday so I slept in a little and took the day off from exercise, which meant I was energized and ready to rock this morning at the track!

It was SUPER dark when Chelsea and I met there at 6 a.m., and were were among the first to get there – seems like most of the groups start at 6:15 or 6:30. It was still light enough with the ambient light from the buildings and streetlights to run with no problem, though.

We had an AWESOME workout – we did a similar workout to last week’s track workout, but I felt so much more energized this week, which was nice. The cooler weather was definitely part of it!

  • 1 mile warm up – pace: 9:21
  • 2 miles of sprint the straights, jog the curves (we switched directions after one mile): first mile overall average pace of 7:47, second mile 7:36
  • 1 mile cool down – pace: 8:40

We ended up doing 4.15 miles (went a little over by accident) at an average overall pace of 8:22. Sweet!!

We were WAY faster than last week, which was awesome to see – last week we didn’t break an 8 minute overall average pace for our two workout miles! Proud of us. 🙂

Thanks for getting me out there, Chelsea! See you next week. 🙂

A quick announcement before I go – as you guys know, I shot a series of cooking videos back in April through a partnership with Fitness Magazine & Oster®. Well, the third cooking challenge has launched today: Fiery Red Salsa!

This challenge is to try the recipe for Fiery Red Salsa – here’s the recipe and here’s the video of me making it – and when you’re done, snap a pic and upload it to Instagram using #VersaChallenge to be entered to win. 🙂

The previous challenge, to make the Agave Almond Butter (<—click for recipe & details) is still going on, too – you have one more week to enter that one! It’s delish, try it. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Have you ever made homemade salsa? It’s so much more flavorful than store bought and so easy!

What’s the best quick and easy dinner you’ve made lately?

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