A Mysterious Run; Spontaneity Rules

The best way to see a new place? Go running.

I headed out for a 4 mile run this morning before leaving Healdsburg (sniff, sniff).

It was super foggy out. Doesn’t everything seem mysterious when it’s foggy?

The run was a bit slow since I kept stopping every time I saw something cool 😉 

I came back and showered while Jenna made me pancakes and Amazing Grass. Isn’t she such a good little housewife?? 😉 We’ve decided we need to be roommates. So sad to leave!! There will be more visits ASAP. 🙂


So, remember how I was going to rent a car and drive to Los Angeles today?

Um… I randomly decided to fly instead 😉 When Jenna and I got to the airport car rental place, we discovered that if I flew instead, I would:

  1. Save (lots of) money (who knew west coast plane tickets were so cheap!); and
  2. Be able to go to Tartine again with Jenna and her friend Adam for lunch 😉 Priorities, people.

Spontaneity is the spice of life!

I booked a flight, checked my bag, and we were off!

Oh man, was it worth it.

Jenna and I shared a MASSIVE ham and gruyere cheese pressed panini from heaven.

We were pretty hungry 😉

And now I’m chilling at the SFO airport waiting for my flight!

Catch ya’ll later from sunny Los Angeles where my adventure will continue 🙂


p.s… I miss Dexter already. 😉

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