Lululemon Run Club + Yoga + Sweetgreen!


I had a fun night last night — it started with my Lululemon Georgetown Tuesday night run club!

As usual, we all met at the store at 6:30 and headed out from there. This time, instead of running towards the monuments, we decided to run over the Key Bridge and down to Roosevelt Island!

I love Roosevelt Island — it’s hard to believe when you’re on it that the city is so close! It’s beautiful — very wooded with lots of trails. I hadn’t run over here in awhile and I miss it! It’s also a fun place to come and walk around and explore, if you’re in DC and looking for something to do this weekend. 🙂

You also have beautiful views of Georgetown from the walking bridge over to the island.

From this view, Georgetown University always reminds me of the Prague Castle. 🙂

My college friend Kathleen joined for run club again this week so we had fun chatting away and stuck together the whole time. There were two distance options for the evening — a 3.5 mile loop and a 5.5 or 6 mile loop. I almost always choose the long option during run club, but last night Kathleen and I weren’t really feeling a long run, so we decided to do the shorter option. It’s important to know when to dial it back a notch! I ran 5 miles with Matt on Monday night so I had already gotten in some good mileage this week, anyway. 🙂

We stuck around a 9 min/mile pace for the run — faster heading towards Roosevelt Island and then slower when on the island since the trail was rocky at times. My watch only shows 3.26 because I didn’t start it until we were already half way over Key Bridge!

Kathleen and I spread out our mats and hung out with The Running Yogis while waiting for the rest of the group to return.

When everyone else got back, we did a 10 minute yoga runner’s stretch cool down (felt soooo good) and then, just for fun, practiced inversions! There were actually about 5 guys in the running group last night and they all stuck it out through the yoga, but weren’t feeling the inversions. 😉

I feel like a handstand is one of those things that once you’ve done it a few times and know the movement, you’ll always be able to do it. I have my gymnastics days to thank for the fact that I can still rock a good handstand. 🙂

After running and yoga I walked over to Sweetgreen, a few blocks away, to meet my friend Dasha for dinner!

Dasha and I know each other through Gena (we first met at the lovely welcome back dinner party that Gena threw for me back in June) and have been chatting on email since and trying to find a time that worked to meet up again. Last night was perfect — she came straight from a pilates class, and I came from my run club! Both sweaty and ready for food. 🙂

Dasha actually works for Sweetgreen so we had fun chatting some about her career path thus far and catching up on life, too. The weather was perfect for sitting out and chatting!

I destroyed everything you see in the photo above — all of it was delicious, of course. Sweetgreen is the best! If you haven’t been yet, you’re missing out. 🙂

Off to work I go — 3 more days left at the hospital! Yesterday my boss and coworkers were trying to convince me to think about working there when I’m done — it’s nice to hear that they think I’m doing a good job, although clinical work is still not my thing. 🙂 I was very flattered, though!

Have a great Wednesday, friends!

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