Weekend: Our Baby Shower!

Hi guys! I hope those of you in the path of the recent hurricanes are staying safe… it’s weird to have such nice weather here and know that many of you are dealing with the opposite. Thinking of you! Also: 9/11/01. Never forget. <3

Our weekend flew by in a whirlwind because Saturday was our baby shower!

(I’m wearing a Jessica Simpson maternity dress – but it was a hand me down from my best friend Jenny so I don’t think it’s available anymore unfortunately!)

As I mentioned previously, Matt and I decided to make our baby shower a big co-ed party – no baby games or opening presents, just hanging out and having fun with a bunch of friends and family, gentlemen included. 🙂 Both sets of our parents co-hosted it and rented a wood-fired pizza truck for the occasion – how cool is this?! There was even beer on tap!

Matt and I discovered this truck (which is actually an old refurbished fire truck – neat!) a few months ago when it was catering a party a few doors down from us – we walked by and were like, “WHAT IS THIS AND HOW CAN WE RENT IT?!” So cool!

We had the party outside (seriously lucked out with the nice weather) and set up a bunch of tables for people to use for their food and drinks (the truck also had wine in addition to beer). We also had a handful of chairs on hand just in case but figured people wouldn’t use them and we were right!

Matt’s mom made these beautiful baby-inspired floral centerpieces for the tables – aren’t they pretty?

Plus some super cute baby-themed cookies from a local bake shop in Pittsburgh, where they live!

We set up a pack and play for guests to put presents in – how many guys does it take to assemble a pack and play?! Lol!

As for the party, it was a blast and flew by! The pizza truck provided delicious salads (the strawberries were such a nice addition!) and kept the pizza, beer, wine, coffee, and gelato flowing. The pizza was really good – thin and crisp so you could try all sorts of different ones without getting too full! I went back for seconds and thirds (and more salad too) as they kept putting out fun new ones. 🙂

We had nearly 70 guests so I was too busy chatting and enjoying the fun to get any other photos – the time flew by! What a special and fun day. Thank you to our families for making it so lovely for us!

After all the guests departed around 4, we headed inside and opened gifts. So much cute stuff – the fact that we have a baby coming soon still doesn’t entirely feel real, but this definitely helped a bit. 🙂

So much adorable stuff!

I’ll be back tomorrow to recap the rest of the weekend – stay tuned! And another huge thank you to our families and also to everyone who came to our baby shower – we are so lucky to have you guys in our lives. 🙂

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